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cant eat

rainbow58 Member Posts: 80 Connected
I have had abdominal issues since 2009 and was only diagnosed with my conditions in 2014/15,i have hiatus hernia.diverticulitis,duodenitis gastritis and Dysphagia,since 2012 i have had a diminishing appetite which is now zero,i havent eaten cakes biscuits snacks puddings since 2007 .My weight has fluctuated between 12 and 14 stone in the last few years-losing weight from hips and legs and gaining on my abdomen,It is not bloating and the reason for any weight gain and nothing to do with diet,no gp has ever accepted any of this-keep telling me to lose weight yet refuse to accept i cant eat-too painful to do so-crushing my sternum,

doctors dont accept what i tell them -i am at my wits end cos getting no help ,my abdomen is a solid lumpy sore mass that has not been acknowledged and all i get told is "i cant feel anything."


  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,793 Disability Gamechanger
    That must be so difficult to deal with, @rainbow58. Hopefully our advisor will be able to discuss this further with you!
  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,673 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @rainbow58
    How are you feeling? It is hard when we don't feel heard by doctors, have they done any other tests apart from feeling your tummy?
    Senior online community officer
  • KirstenNutritionAdvisor
    KirstenNutritionAdvisor Member Posts: 53 Courageous
    Hello, this must be extremely frustrating for you, but I would urge you to continue to go back to the doctors and be persistent in a through examination and perhaps if the GP doesn't help go to A&E as this really need to be examined and looked into.
    i hope they listen to you. Do not give up. 
  • rainbow58
    rainbow58 Member Posts: 80 Connected
    Hi Kirsten .this gp is useless,.i have told him several things only to be ignored-feeling cold(arms),the pressure against my stomach,headpain ,enlarged features hands and feet.
    All i get from him is "it feels warm to me(foot),
    your hand is the same as  mine
    you dont have Pagets-doesnt know as no tests done-doesnt accept my symptoms
    inability to eat without pain/pressure on stomach.

    none of which tell me anything
    i have been to A&E in the past a few times and they fob me off too,the last time i went -for choking and sudden abdo pain-they did not record choking so did not acknowledge it 
    noone wants to know,i
  • KirstenNutritionAdvisor
    KirstenNutritionAdvisor Member Posts: 53 Courageous
    I can only imagine how frustrating that must feel.

    I would urge you to record all your food and symptoms and make an appointment with a different GP at your practise and discuss the issues you are having, you can ask for a second opinion, if you are not happy with the results.

    when you record your food intake they will be able asses it and this with your condition will hopefully help them look into it further for you. 
    good luck. 
  • rainbow58
    rainbow58 Member Posts: 80 Connected
    thanks Kirsten,i have done this in the past and fobbed off by a GP as "being obsessed with pain and weight etc"
    i wiil do this weekend as i have SALT appt on monday.the other doctors in the surgery are pretty much the same-dismiss my symptoms because they cant feel what i feel ie cold foot-gp said "it feels warm to me"-i said its not what you think you feel why i am feeling cold,got nothing from gp.
    i showed my food diary to the gastroenterologist with weight record  and he just shoved them to one side.


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