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Changing ideas about mental health

yennah Member Posts: 2 Listener
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People are scared of psychiatrists and social workers. Nobody wants to be sectioned by others with no Funding has been slashed. for client care, wards are closing left right and centre. Outpatients need more actually accurate assistance, information  and CARE IN THE COMMUNITY, All of which is sorely underfunded now. Does anybody else feel the same? How can we change this, because if we tolerate this then our children will be next... then our grandchildren... is that the legacy we really want to leave?
I know I want to change things... I just do not know how.
Anybody have any suggestions?


  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @yennah, welcome to the community! This is an interesting discussion point, I'm sure there will be others who feel the same way as you do about the situation.

    If we can be of any help or assistance, just let us know! :)
  • steve51
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    Hi @yennah

    A very very big welcome to you to our online family.

    Yes this is a very hot potato/topic.

    It is something that the government takes control off.

    "NHS/Social Serv's Care/Discharge Package's"

    Please please let me know if I can help + support help you with ???

    Many thanks.
  • thespiceman
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    [email protected]  I understand this situation clearly as do a lot of people with mental illness.  What is also going on is that all services are totally stretched so much depends on funding.  Please can I explain my situation.  I am a gentleman in my early fifties and have disabilities and mental problems.  Mainly anxiety and depression .  The charity that have been assisting me and supporting me for three years have told me that they can not.  This is an ongoing situation with myself and now have to find some sort of help and support onwards through the rest of my life probably.  I am truly grateful for the charity and its work they have done with myself.  Understand where they are coming from.  As more people need their support.  Many of them will be worse than myself if they need help and I am having to move on.  Nature of the beast I am afraid.  I know NHS services and council budgets are so tight that any thing to help yourself they feel will discharge you.  Got this a long time ago.  Having to support long ago friends who had been ill and discharged into the community.  Had numbers to call if a crisis.  Nine times out of ten called me instead.  I am same as them and more understanding, patient and tolerant.  Even told by one of my friends CPN.  You can help if there is an issue or crisis.  Which ended me on the end of my friends volatile behaviour on many occasions.  My time travelling most mornings to see him a good few hours.  Ringing will not answer phone.  Make sure he is OK been to house at night because of his mental health.  By way this is happening more and more.  For my own mental state I had to sit him down and talk that I am making myself ill over this. This is just one example I have experienced.  Another being you have a spare room he can live with you another friend who was the same.  Being discharged and me expected to feed and clothe, use my car, for his mental health needs.  Only lasted a weekend because of his attitude.  Which he then moved into a B and B.  I had respect and the understanding, patience, but it was too much for me and him.  So now here I am hoping to find another mental health charity or organisation.  This has been ongoing over thirty years.  I will have to speak to someone at SCOPE.  For information and support.  Thank you for reading this and being understanding what is going on.  Pray and hope to speak to you soon
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  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Thank you for sharing this with us @thespiceman, you must have felt a lot of pressure from having that responsibility for your friends.

    If you do want to speak to somebody from Scope, just give the helpline team a ring at 0808 800 3333. Hope this finds you on a good day!


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