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PIP Assessment And Results: Questions

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Hi all,

I recently went to an Assessment with ATOS for PIP and I received the decision yesterday.

Before I mention the decision, I want to talk about the assessment. My Assessment only lasted approximately 20-25 minutes. The assessor swiftly went through the questions seemingly moving onto the next question before I had fully answered the question at hand. I read a lot online about the types of questions asked but I feel mine was tailored for me and I would hazard a guess less than 50% of questions were asked.

When I filled in the form for PIP, I sent in lots of information and evidence; around 60 A4 pages worth. These included MRI results, GP letters and previous assessments (nothing to do with PIP). It was strong and percise medical evidence and I don't think it could be disputed. My problem is with my back.

Moving on, less than one week after the assessment I phoned PIP for an update and was told the decision letter was in the post and results are on the screen. I was surprised due to the fact the assessment wasn't even a week prior.

I was awarded standard living allowance for 5 years but nothing for mobility. This is where my confusion starts. I feel if I got awarded the living part, the mobility part should be apart of it because my health issue stops me from doing every day house hold duties. If I can't do every day essential tasks at home how am I deemed fit to be able to look after myself outside?

Thinking back to the assessment, I was a only asked one question regarding mobility; which was "how long can you walk for"? I answered it varies but not much past 2-3 minutes. That's all I was asked. I feel it's a very vague question where the answer can be manipulated. There was no mention of how far, how safely, how consistently or if I can use public transport etc...

I'm not sure if to go through MR because I've heard DWP reassess the complete claim. I'm just wondering others thoughts with my case. Anymore information needed, please just ask. 


  • CockneyRebel
    CockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,216 Disability Gamechanger
    An MR will look at your whole claim again and you can lose points as well as gain. The success rate at MR is not good but you need to get an MR letter in able to appeal to the tribunal where success is much better.
    The mobility question catches a lot of people out, have you tried walking for 2-3 mins. It doesn't sound much when you say it.

    From the DWP guide
    Normal walking   61 -90 m/min
    slow walking       40 -60 m/min
    very slow            up to 40m/min

    walking very slowly for 2-3 mins could be 80 -120 metres
    walking slowly for 2-3 mins  could equal 120 - 180 metres 

    50 -200 m only scores 4 points so no award  

    If you think that you fit the criteria for a mobility award then you should appeal

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste


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