My partner has epilepsy and failed pip

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Hi my partner has recently been scored 0 for pip, we did the mandatory reconsideration and scored 0 again. He has grand mal tonic clonic seizures with no warning and can have up to 3 a week. He can't cook without supervision and has chocked before while eating and had a seizure while holding a kettle if I wasn't there he would of scolded hiself and he has ended up in the middle of the road before. We have a 5 year old and he can't watch her on his own someone always has to be there should we take it to tribunal 


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    Hi lozzi and welcome

    So sorry you and your partner are having to go through this

    You have nothing to lose and maybe everthing to gain by  taking it to tribunal

    Have you asked for a copy of the assessment report ?.

    It is important to understand the points scoring system, the descriptors and the criteria for an award. To give you an idea of this try the self test on the B&W site

    A supporting letter from your GP that details specifically the problems with the descriptors is always helpful
    Tribunals are independent and should look at all the evidence without the bias of the DWP and are around 65% successful
    Often it is not the evidence that is the problem but the way it is read ( or not )
    Take each descriptor in turn, reference it to page and paragraph of the evidence. If you submit new evidence each page must have name and NI  and do the same.
    Lead the reader to the exact place that shows how you fit the descriptor and meet the criteria. Make it idiot proof.

    Please come back with any questions and we will try and help


    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste