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Hi there guys - starting up our Scope account again after a very busy couple of months.

Just a quick catch up of who we are and what we do.

Here at StedyChefs, we offer a cookery school to adults with learning difficulties.

During their courses, the students learn new skills to do with working in a kitchen; cooking and hospitality. We believe that this has the possibility to help them in their search of a career, with 94% of adults with physical and learning disabilities who are unemployed, we think that we can do something about that.

Our students do both practical and written work. This is important to us as the practical work gives them a hands-on approach to being in a kitchen, the paces and the procedures. Whereas the written work gives them the ability to quiz themselves and remember all of these things. 

Our Facebook page is if you would like to have a look at some of the work done. We regularly post updates to the parents and followers of the meals which the students have created for the day, the activities that they have done and any progressive work never goes unseen.

We also have a recent video which was filmed also explaining all of this information.
Lots of Love - StedyChefs Cookery School