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How to get correct information requested .

cathie Member Posts: 143 Courageous
I have been requesting info from my old  socail services disability care and assessment after being fob bed off and lied to sent around world and back finally went to those that can .. whilst impressed by work. Carried out and speeds that amazed me  still don't have what I  asked for a lot  of paper work ect but what I want first care assessment  and findings how that could of possible been the case not only is it completly  missing  also no dates not signed .no sign at all of any thing I have been trying to get .. excused this ave as no amount of  help asking requesting . Has given me these details it's almost as though been erased  . No one can give me these details every thing else but not why a women unable to lift head off pillow on so much morphine  traumatised  unable to move with out being aided  was put on low rate care  says broken arm and leg full recovery expected within a year  well 13 years on no recovery no mobility still under going  treatments  need more operations  had twelve more since them took eleven years to make the swap from morphine  to spinal injections  still pain killers daily .. pain lack of movement hmmmm no wonder can't get answers   just saying ...
Only me .. cathie..


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