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edited November 2017 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hello everyone.

I joined the forums the other day, have had some advice from a nice person on here but I've plenty more questions lol.

I have been deemed fit for work by ATOS twice now, the first time was 2010, I appealed and had to wait a year for the tribunal which I won, then a couple of months after winning that ATOS again sent me another form and again deemed me fit for work, I appealed again, this time I had to wait 18 months for the tribunal because the tribunal services lost my paperwork, I won the tribunal in Jan 2013, they then sent me another ESA50 in June 2013, I sent that back and heard nothing until September 2017, an organisation filled the form out for me with info I had given and spoke to me about everything with me over the phone which was difficult for me. I sent the ESA50 back with the evidence I have, I don't have much up to date stuff because I'm one of those who has pretty much been forgotten about. I also sent a patient summary in with the form evidence. I heard back from them 5 weeks later and they are expecting me to go in for an assessment, probably not even reading the form or medical evidence, so where I am at the moment is, my Son has called the assessment centre to ask about a home assessment and then called the Dr's surgery about. After a lot of confusion and misinformation, my Son managed to speak to someone at the surgery who knew what we needed and has requested this from the Dr I see. I've also emailed the local MP.

Since those last assessments, I've been diagnosed with severe anxiety (agoraphobia and social anxiety), depression and FM. My Son is my carer. I receive PIP, the enhanced rate for both.

I am very stressed out at the moment which is having a detrimental effect on my health.

I do have some questions.



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