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Do you struggle with bedtime? (Potential product)

I am a product designer developing a product that creates a protective, comforting and calming environment for children (3yrs +) who struggle falling asleep. I'm looking for some feedback from anyone who has experience or knowledge with sleeping problems and happy to get involved.

Many thanks!


  • Zeezee
    Zeezee Member Posts: 78 Pioneering
    Hi my daughter is 3yr 8 mth and really struggles to fall asleep and even when she does fall asleep she wakes up continually throughout the night. We are in the process of getting her used to a sleep system and waiting for an appointment to maybe start her on medication to help her sleep. This I would like to avoid if possible so could you give me some more details about your product as I may be interested in getting involved.
  • Charlotte123
    Charlotte123 Member Posts: 2 Listener

    Hi Zeezee

    Do you have an email address or a way of contacting you to give you some more information?


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