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Hmm not sure if allowed

cathie Community member Posts: 143 Courageous
Hi not sure if I should be posting this has nothing to do with disabilities but wondered if any one knew how to deal with this ..so my brother bought new car at fords cash outright  we were both present but none of us were made aware  that he had signed to pay 300 pounds for shampoo  and polish that was already present in car  statements alerted him him this fact ... when fords were challenged they said he signed for it ..none of us were aware of this turns out they push this 300 pound car shampoo  for a company and get commission on every one sold .... is there anything that can be done about this rip off ... it clearly is a massive rip off should have said what it was and do you want it at the cost off sneaky how did we both miss this none of us were aware of this being offered  it appeared it came with the price he just gave them 1800 hundred pounds .... please if can help would love to here .and sorry if I broke rules of page ....  not sure .but this has  really  shown me  how people are constantly conned by people in that position ..how wrong...
Only me .. cathie..


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