Hello... help with PIP reassessment please??

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Hi everyone- I am due to have a PIP medical for reassessment of my claim. was awarded until October 2018 however following receipt of the interim review form that is requested a year before the award expires I now need to attend a PIP medical. 
The last medical I received completely ignored my condition and how it affects me and I had to go to reconsideration and then the full appeal process with Tribunal. Only then was I awarded full rate of mobility and care components. 
I am really worried this will happen again. 
I have spoken to PIP and they say if the medical and decision maker decide to award me less points then my benefit will stop or reduce. 
This is despite my current award not ending til October next year! 
I also currently have a Motability vehicle so this would have to be returned. 
Them I would have to apply for a Reconsideration and possibly another Tribunal. 
I cannot go through the stress of all this again and feel anxious already. 
I reported in the review form that there were no changes.
I still have a fractured spine. 
I am waiting for more surgery. 
Any advice would be welcomed ....
I do not understand how you can be awarded until end of 2018 yet have to go through all this again. 
Do they not continue to pay the benefit whist going for reconsideration and possibly appeal as awarded til oct 2018?
Very confused. 
Thank you so much for reading this and I hope someone is able to help. 


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    Hi @Annie1997 and welcome to the community!

    So sorry to hear that you're going through the medical assessment again, I can imagine that this feels worrying to you. I really hope it goes as well as possible.

    Is there anything specific we can advise you on at the moment? Do feel free to keep us updated throughout the process, and we'll do our best to support you wherever we can and regardless of the outcome. Hope today is as kind as possible to you!
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    Hi Pippa! Thank you so much cI for your reply. I am really upset and worried about this. 
    Basically I don’t understand how I can be awarded after appeal for full care and mobility yet 12 months prior to award ending having g to go for an assessment and possibly having the points reduced or lost all together! My circumstances haven’t changed- I put this on the form ( Form AR1) 
    i have been told that my benefit could stop or reduce or stay the same following the decision after this medical. 
    I woildrhen have to request reconsideration and if this fails then Appeal/Tribunal. 
    Wjay are the success rates in circumstances like mine please?
    I see my Consultant at the end of this week to discuss my next surgery. 
    The problem is getting across to the medical examiner exactly how I am and making them realise how I suffer in a daily basis. 
    The last time I went for a medical I said I can’t cook due to not standing and pain and the outcome was that I should use a perch stool so that I can cook for one person. This is impossible for me and I had to go all the way to Tribunal to get my award 
    Please help!
    Thank you x 
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    Hi Annie and welcome

    PIP can be reassessed at any time, it will tell you on any decision letter the probable review time which is commonly a year before the end date.
    Your current award will remain in payment only until a new decision is made.
    What ever that decision is it will come into force on that day, if no award is made then your benefit will stop.

    Even though you returned the the form stating no change it would be very usefull if you can get a GP letter speciffically detailing your problems with the descriptors and submit a copy asap.

  • Annie1997
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    Hello Cockney Rebel,
    That is a good idea - I will contact my GP. 
    Thank you very much indeed.