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Mandatory reconsideration letter

hi I sent my mandatory reconsideration letter along with a letter from my doctor off 2 weeks ago. It was signed for! I called last week n the guy said it hadn't been scanned yet but he assured me it was in the building waiting to be scanned etc... I called again today the lady said it hasn't been scanned so therefor they have not received it as it gets scanned as soon as they get it!! I now have 3 days left to appeal and I don't know what to do?! Does anyone know how the scanning etc works?! And could it actually be in the building?! Please help


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    Hi stephcornwall,

    Try not to worry about it. If they have got it (they have if it's been signed for) it'll be date stamped and it'll be within time. Even if you have to send it again (I'm not saying you will or that you should) and it's late they will still accept your reasons for lateness. If you call on Monday, I'd ask to speak to a manager though and not accept being fobbed off. If it's been signed for, they've got it and they must find it!

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