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Hi, my name is jeanette5025!

Hi.just have a quick question. Wer relatively new to the benefits system. My partner receives high rate of PIP and high rate mobility. I earn 28k a yr. Do we still claim UC? Dont want to sound money grabbing,just just basically clueless.


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    Hi @jeanette5025

    Welcome to our online community/website.

    I have posted some info below for you.


    Please please let me know if you require further help/support ?????

    Many thanks.
  • jeanette5025
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    Hi.many thx. I realise im being thick but i still dont know if we should claim or not due to my earnings being 28k. My partner was getting esa but that stopped after 52 wks so should he now claim UC? He gets high rate of pip as he has a serious illness with a shortened life expectancy. (We rent privately @ £800 a mnth n council tax is £174). Any advice on if i should claim appreciated.
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    Hi @jeanette5025, welcome to the community! I've moved your post to our ask a benefits advisor category, where somebody will hopefully be able to advise you. In the meantime, you might also like to take a look at the online benefits calculator.
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    Hello jeanette5025

    Firstly, you stated that your partner was in receipt of ESA.  It sounds like this was contributory based ESA.  Contributory based ESA lasts for 52 weeks, BUT if after a medical assessment a decision maker decides that someone should be placed in the support group of ESA then entitlement WILL NOT END after 52 weeks.  It will continue as long as a person is in the support group.  Has your partner been for a medical assessment and ESA reached  a decision on entitlement?  If he has and you disagree with the decision then you can challenge this decision.  You have 1 month to challenge a decision (firstly by a Mandatory reconsideration) but this deadline can be extended if there is good reason why there is a  delay in requesting a challenge. If he has not been for an assessment then ESA need to be contacted to press for an assessment, also post again as you may need to challenge the decision to stop entitlement after 52 weeks, even though no medical assessment has taken place. 

    I have put a link to the Scope page on ESA and the assessment.


    Also, contributory based ESA is not effected by the number of hours you work or how much you earn. 

    Secondly, Universal Credit has not been rolled out fully across the country yet. If you are in a full service area then new claims for certain benefits have been replaced with Universal Credit.  If you are not in a full service area then only certain people can claim Universal Credit. I have put a link below for you to input your postcode to see if you are in a fulls service area or not:


    Universal Credit is means tested and so income and savings effect entitlement.  Your entitlement depends on your circumstances and so it is difficult to give standard advice as to whether you are entitled or not.  I have however put a link below to benefit calculators, so that you can input your specific details to see if you are entitled or not.  The calculators should consider for example Housing Benefit as well as Universal Credit entitlement. 


    Please post again if you need help.

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