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Dating is a weird thing: and being too picky for a cripple?

I get plenty of dates.. this isn't a brag or a boast, I just don't do to badly, but my list of wants in a partner is pretty insane; and even when it looks like I get close to finding that, it always becomes clear that there's an issue with pace and understanding. I can physically keep up, long walks, travel, that kind of thing, but it's tiring, and overall, just makes me feel miserable. I've battled with the idea of dating someone else with a disability. The idea always invokes a ton of cringe, and a failure to adapt to the real world. But my mindset on this is changing. To find someone in a similar position that can still push the envelope when it comes to being open, unique and deeply individual, sounds like it would be an incredible thing.


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    Hi @Dexterp91
    Sorry we missed your post!! I think when we are looking for a partner it should be about meeting someone who you have things in common.  For me it is a sense of humour, someone who likes the outdoors, someone who can be lighthearted and not take themselves too seriously.

    Maybe we all need to think a little less about the physical body and more about character, personality and the person themselves :)
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