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Hi, my name is craiggizmo and have a slipped disc

craiggizmo Member Posts: 1 Listener
I'm new to all this, this is my situation, I have a well paid job as a field service engineer which I love, but part of this job is too lift very heavy batteries over 30kg in some cases, this caused me to slip a disc in my lower back in jan 2016 (my employer does not pay sick) so I found myself on the sick for the first time in 24 years of working, I suddenly had to survive on £83 a week a massive drop in incoming money, I got a £7500 loan to get me by for the 7 months I had on the sick, as I stupidly thought the NHS would sort me out- had to go private at a cost of £1000 for nerve block in the seventh month or I would have been bankrupt. Nhs put me on the list for another block and discectomy. I went back to work and with sweat and tears got through until last week when it really really went and now cant walk, NHS have agreed to do the nerve block monday after many visits and emails this week, however I don't have much hope for this working as I really cant stand for over 3 seconds. Is there anything I can claim as I'm nearly bankrupt which is adding stress to the stupidly high pain I'm in.



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