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Rights as a volunteer

mossycow Member Posts: 485 Pioneering
edited November 2017 in Work and employment
Hi there,
I posted here recently about DBS as it looked likely I was going to be volunteering in my dream job This happens to be the job I studied for for 5 years, worked in for 10 years so I feel (trying to pull together any dregs of self worth I have) I do have experience and value to give.

Anyway... I am angry and sad this morning. Its been 10 weeks since I was asked if I would come in to volunteer and basically I've heard nothing about criminal record check (I was supposed to get an email to fill in my stuff) and have begun to suspect that basically they can't put the time together to sort it out.... 

Had a text from the person I'd be working with saying it's probably best to "leave it for now as they're saying they can't get the access requirements".

What a load of ****. 

I require.. 
 (wait for it... It's quite the rider)  

The person I'm working with to open a different gate. The gate is 10 paces away from her desk. After this I require no help, no ramps, toilets are next door.....  nothing else. 

I'm not giving up. The admin who are supposed to be sorting it out have been hard to get hold of so have gone through a different route.

But... I really would appreciate it to get some concrete facts before I meet with them. 

As a paid employee what would be my rights if I was refused work on these grounds? 

As a volunteer.... I'm assuming that doesn't figure... But, I reckon as I'm going to be coming across this for the rest of my life, I need some wisdom....


I'm so


  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,793 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @mossycow, hope this finds you on a good day! I'm so sorry to hear about this: how incredibly frustrating for you.

    If this was paid employment, your manager would have a duty to make reasonable adjustments. However, an employment advisor will hopefully be in touch soon and able to assist you further with this.
  • mossycow
    mossycow Member Posts: 485 Pioneering
    Hi @PippaScope, thanks you know.... Today has been an awesome day. I was upset when I was texted above. Sigh.... It reminded me that things will never be the same or straight forward again. And for the sake of some small adjustments I can't be useful and work there....

    I called my (teacher) union and had some advice too. They've suggested I write a letter/email and gave me help with that. They said that the rights of a volunteer in terms of reasonable adjustments is flaky but if I've been offered a place they are still advised to make adjustments.... 

    But luckily this came on a most excellent day in a good week. I've been doing some other bits and pieces where I have fed back about disabled access and earned money doing it AND even had enough pain relief and energy to actually do it! That's s a 'winning the lottery' day!! 

    Back down in London this Thursday with Scope to take part in the Chrissy B show as part of the Helplines Partnership conference. So above work stuff isn't going to to taint all this. 

    Will look into it next week as I don't want to let it just  slip away..... I have a good relationship with who I'd be working with, it fits in so many way..... And let's face it.... 2e all come across this type of stuff all of the time. Can't let it bring us down! 
  • Rian_Alumni
    Rian_Alumni Member Posts: 35 Connected

    I am Rian from Support to Work, I have seen you have been offered the position have they offered you the job in writing of hve you had verbal confirmation.
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  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,673 Disability Gamechanger
    How are you getting on @mossycow ?
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