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Bowel cancer and stoma problems

Heidi49 Member Posts: 2 Listener
I am the exact same, but I had bowel cancer, the chem/radiotherapy has damaged my bladder, nerves, sweat glands, the list goes on! I might hold a job down for a while, then be in hospital for 5 week, either blockages, collapsed bowel, hernia, severe pain from adhesions...My Children aren't always supportive, but my Mum and Dad and family are, I feel that I try 10 times harder to prove, I'm not always poorly, but recently I've had my ileostomy resited and an hernia repair, my stoma is inverted, so always leaking, despite trips to the Stoma Nurse. Before all of this, I was a Community Care Manager, with Degrees and qualification, £40.000 a year, now I'm applying for pip and feel totally helpless... People have no idea what it's like, having a long term health problem and all the depression and anxiety that follows, I am a strong person and a single parent, but I try so hard to bring my children first.. I simpathise with you, it's such a difficult health problem to have...Some people can hold down jobs with hidden difficulty.. 12 year's down the line and I'm having my 7th surgery.. So it's never ending.



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