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Hi, my name is ShaunAshford,and I'm infuriated with how the DWP and Capita are treating me!

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Hi I'm new here,and I'm infuriated with how the DWP and Capita are treating me,!


  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi @ShaunAshford welcome to the community, I am sorry to hear this.  Do you want to tell us a bit more about yourself?
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  • ShaunAshford
    ShaunAshford Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hi @Sam Scope.
                              I'm Shaun Ashford,aged 48,living with my partner in north Nottinghamshire.
       I was working at Stagecoach,Mansfield depot until September 2016,when I was finished due to me being on the sick from April of that year.
       After many test(x-rays,MRI scans and finally a CAT scan),I was diagnosed with servere spondylosis with compressed nerve roots,and also bone spurs were compressing my spinal cord to half of its diameter.
       I had no option,but to have major surgery,something I never envisaged.If I refused the surgery,I'd lose the use of every part of my body from the neck down.
       On 20th January this year the surgery went ahead,5 hours in theatre,a 3 Level ADCF(Anterior Discectomy,and Cervical Fusion),access to my spine was made via the front of my neck,pushing my trachea and oesophogus aside,I had 3 discs removed from my neck,the vertebrae fused and all held in place by titanium plates and screws.Also the bone spurs were removed,releasing the pressure on my spinal cord.
       All was going well,I we thought,until I'm literally crying in pain throughout the night,no matter how much morphine medicine I had,the pain in my hands and arms put me to my knees,a grown man crying,and if I could have got my hands on a chainsaw,I'd have found a way to cut both arms off from the shoulder.
       Upping my meds to the maximum I managed to get through the pain and after electro-nerve-conduction- tests,I was diagnosed with servere carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and a trapped radial nerve in my left elbow!
       Well,this was totally out of the blue.Myself and my partner were stunned by this.
       I was told they needed surgery,ASAP.
       I've since had the surgery,and my hands are now  worse than before the surgery.
       The consultant has put it to me in Layman's terms.If you water a wiltered plant,only so much of it will be revived,hence,depending on how long these nerves have been compressed/extent of damage,will decide how much sensation/use of my hands I'll regain.
       To make matters worse,and really enrages me,is that I've had symptoms ascertaining to all of this for around 20 years,and my GP did absolutely nothing for me.
       Only when he retired and I saw a new GP,was I eventually on my way to getting sorted.The new GP did more for me in 15 minutes,than what he did in 20 years.
       Now,I'm classed as fit for work,by a "medical professional".......watch this space,as I'm appealing against his assessment,of which I scored absolutely "0".
       I really hope this "medical professional" has to endure a similar path to which myself and my partner have trodden over the last 18months,or a similar path as everyone of us on here.
       All I want is to get well,with the right support,and get back into some kind of work.I'm a true grafter,not afraid of dirty,heavy,hard work.But I know I'm unable to do any job right now.
       The stress is making my insides boil,and I'm getting worse by the day.
       It's taken me a couple of hours to write this on my Kindle,I'm lay on a sofa for probably 20 minute intervals,as usual,as I cannot sit upright for a length of time.Yet in the "medical professional's" report I sit upright for hours without any problem......more blatant lies.
       I'm boiling up,and ready to explode.
       Rant over,as I've got to be nice and relaxed for my appointment on Wednesday,at Job Centre Plus,where I've been ordered to attend(under great duress),to see a Work Coach,......I'm baffled as to why,,,,and if they've had awkward clients in the past.,,,,,,then it'll be them needing a good shrink by the time my appoiniment is over.

         Kind regards,
                              Shaun Ashford.
  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @ShaunAshford, nice to meet you and thank you for sharing this with us: especially as I can imagine it's taken a lot of time and energy for you to do so. It sounds like you've been through a lot recently, and I'm so sorry to hear about your assessment outcome. You must have felt incredibly frustrated. 

    I'm glad to hear that you have a better relationship with your new GP, and that you're appealing your assessment outcome. I'd definitely recommend taking a look at Scope's advice on appealing a DWP decision, and getting in touch if you have any further questions. Our advisors and community members will be here to offer support wherever possible. I hope this helps, and that today is as kind as possible to you!
  • ShaunAshford
    ShaunAshford Member Posts: 8 Listener
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    Hi @PippaScope, Thank you forr your kind words and advice. Yes,I attended an appotintment with my GP this morning,as my skin was having a reaction against the morphine patches and also,I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to mention the "medical professional's" assessment. Anyway,to cut things short,I'm picking a different type of patches up tomorrow afternoon(chemist doesn't keep them in stock,due to the high cost).
        She was appalled by the assesseent,and advised me,that with the level if medication I have to take,it's impossible for me to enter any type of employment         Next stop,was the Joke Centre,oh,sorry that should have said Job Centre. Upon waiting 25 minutes,sitting and standing,sitting and standing,as I was not having a great day controlling my pain levels.I was then greeted by "Stuart". Within a couple of minutes,talking at his booth/desk,he was appalled by the ESA,and when he said I'd be getting only National Insurance contributions paid,which is roughly under £3 per week. If I'd had to bus it to the appointment,I'd have probably paid more in bus fares,than what I'd be getting from the beloved ESA! I explained that I'd be appealing against the decision,and through our muffled laughter,it was decided that he'd bin the paperwork for my new JSA claim(as whilst the appeal was running,the ESA would have to honour payment of those "so-expensive" National Insurance contributions). So,the appointment was very short.
       The Adviser was an absolutely gentleman,on a level that met my own.So I didn't have chance to cause him the great stress I had planned.
        But,hey,I'm not alone with being the victim of their bully tactics,or being cohersed into giving the system answers what they want to hear,etc,There are so many of us experiencing the very same,and we need to turn things around.
        I know I'm not one of the most I'll on here, as and I really do wish I could wave that magic wand,to give each and every one of you great individuals good health,kick those ailments into a place where they cannot escape,so there's not chance to latch on to any living person.
        Thank you,very much.
        Keep our heads up,with strength and pride,even during those darkest hours,no surrender to that cruel,sadistic system.

                 Kindest regards,
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @ShaunAshford, I'm so glad to hear that things have been more positive and that you had a good experience with your latest appointment. Thank you for updating us too, and I hope that today is as kind as possible to you!


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