my grandson is 6 with CP level I V H 4

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hello my grandson is 6 with CP level I V H 4 . I  want him to live a long healthy life. Just wondering the level of the people posting


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    Hi Welcome to the group,

    Its a natural thing to want to reach out to people who are dealing with the same level of disability that you are so that they can understand what you are going through!

    Let me try to explain the way I have come to see it.

    My boy is 5 with severe cp but every case is different even when you are dealing with similar severity the condition of the child can be vastly different.

    But do reach out as there are many people out here who are dealing with similar cases.

    All the best
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    Hi @bblanchardLov welcome to the community! We have lots of members with CP as well as parents and carers who Im sure would be happy to share their experiences.  Take a look through the CP category here :)