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Tribunal question

LorryLorry Member Posts: 23 Connected
Evening, I have been on DLA for the last 20 years.I received the higher rate mobility and the lowest rate care. I had the new PIP assessment in September and was awarded 6 points for care and 4 points for mobility (so am not entitled to anything) .I asked for a MR review which came back with the same points. I am now taking it to tribunal, (which I have been told the waiting list is about 6 months). I received a letter from my doctor saying he supports my claim for PIP and that I am  not fit for work. I have just sent the letter off the the tribunal. Does anyone have any experience of the tribunal receiving letters/ evidence and making a decision without the case going to / waiting for tribunal date ? Thanks 


  • loopytloopyt Member Posts: 80 Courageous
    Hi Lorry, I recently had a paper tribunal under similar circumstances and was shocked to have a successful outcome within a few weeks. Have you asked to attend. It is mostly recommended but I couldn't cope so chose a paper hearing and was very anxious this would go against me.
  • LorryLorry Member Posts: 23 Connected
    I have chosen to attend, but was just wondering if they had supporting evidence from my GP weather they would still want me to attend or trust another professional to save time .

  • LorryLorry Member Posts: 23 Connected
    I have asked to attend but was wandering if they received a letter from my GP supporting my case weather they would trust a fellow professional or weather I would still have to attend ...
  • loopytloopyt Member Posts: 80 Courageous
    I was advised to attend so I was extremely worried but was told that if there is a risk that they could lower an award they will give you the option of withdrawing your appeal. As you have been reduced to nothing then you have nothing to lose. The only problem is if you lose the appeal you have have to start a new application which would mean another assessment I think. It is such a big decision x
  • wildlifewildlife Member Posts: 1,316 Pioneering
    @Lorry The tribunal date will remain the same if you send in more evidence which you have done. But a copy of the evidence you've just sent will be sent to DWP. So as you have no award in place you have nothing to lose by ringing DWP to book a call back from a Decision Maker when you know they've received the letter from your GP and asking for a further review of your claim while you're waiting for the Appeal. Especially as it's such a long wait. You may still not be offered the award you consider you're entitled to but any increase will add to the points you've already got and you can then make a decision whether to accept that or go on to Appeal where you will then need an increase of maybe less points because you've been offered the increase in between times. This may or may not work but worth a try. DWP can change your award right up to your Appeal but most people don't know that they have to make that happen by asking for their claim to be looked at again. DWP can change an award right up to Appeal after the MR has been done but will only look at claims again on request and only when new evidence is sent in that clearly changes things. The new evidence will be sent back to be seen by another HCP at your assessment company and further increase of points may or may not be suggested by a different HP. This happened to me and my mobility was increased from Standard to Higher rate. 
  • LorryLorry Member Posts: 23 Connected
    Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated
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