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Help with the right medication

I have been disabled for the last forty years i suffer from spinale problems scoliosis disc prolapse and  because of the scoliosis my spine is back to front  this is affecting my bowel and bladder my mobilety is bad i have cronic pain most of the time i was offered an operation to see if thay could take the pressure off my bowel and bladder the consultant told me thay could not put any instrumentation in my spine because it would collapse if thay tried to put screw in it and that there was a forty percent chance i may not get off the operating table so i did not go ahead with it at this time i was on pethidine fiftey grams two four times a day and dyhadrocodean thirty miligrams inbetween when needed but then i was sent a pain clinic were thay changed my tablets to morpine and oramorph thay are not controlling the pain like my outher medication and thay make me feel sick so now i am waiting ho see anouther counsultant at the pain clinic to see if i can get them changed back my doctor tells me he cant change it without the consultants permission so this is were i am at


  • CockneyRebel
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    Hi nessbags and welcome

    Pain management can take sometime to get right in each individual. Many people do have problems with the side effects of oramorph. You do need to talk to your consultant asap or get your GP to as you need to get sorted.

    Currently I trust my GP for my pain meds as she undertsands what I need and is far more accessable than any consultant. Currently 120mg morphine, 300mg gabapentine and paracetamol like smarties does it for me but may have to go on to patches soon


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    Hi @nessbags
    It can be really frustrating to get medication right, best of luck with this. Let us know how you get on.
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