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Hello I have seen the various reports on the web and in the media about children and elderly facing poverty.  I assume that people are aware that we face a human crisis in the country.  I see reading the media reports no mention of the disabled.  I am quite aware that a large number of the elderly are disabled.  Seeing all the time I have been involved in this forum.  Those heart breaking stories from all spectrum of our society.  I think now what is to done to stop this.  What is the answer?  Do we as a society need to make choices start to say charity begins at home and look after ourselves.  Is that being selfish or do we need to support other communities in other countries.  Seeing recent reports about the amount of money spent abroad to fund others.  I know it is harsh I am a Christian but when you have been involved like I have in fundraising.  The cash and donations that are gratefully given are welcomed.  The question is how much is actually given to projects and not funding admin or wages.  I have views and opinions with the Christmas season approaching see so much misery, pain and the stories of people who can not cope.  I have met so many people recently who are in my mind who are making the vital choice every day.  Do I eat or do I have heat?  I try to help but they are proud and I have to say how can I help?  Not to make an issue out of anything.  Give advice where needed.  I myself had for a long time living on next to nothing benefit wise and became all too acutely aware of my situation.  Even now budget and plan ever week.  You had too.  I hope and wish for change.  What is the answer?
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