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Hello from Jenny's Dad.

JennysDad Member Posts: 2,299 Disability Gamechanger
New to the site, I'm saying 'hello', just dipping my toes in the water...

66 and retired some two years, I spent the last ten or so years of my working life as a Learning Support Assistant, supporting children on the Autism Spectrum in a local High School. I probably know a fair bit about the education of AS Children, especially its failings, and about online education in particular.

Long previous to that work I was dad to a very wonderful but heroically brain-damaged little girl called Jenny. Born in 1986, she passed away in 1991. She was microcephalic, a rare condition which means her skull did not leave enough room for her brain to grow, and suffered from birth with fits and seizures, blindness, hypotonic (floppy) spasticity and various associated problems. 

After Jenny's passing, circumstances took me away from the 'world of disability' (a story in itself) and, some 30 years on, I've been horrified to discover how little matters seem to have progressed, that what was 'tough' in 1986 is as tough or tougher now.

I'm here, therefore, ideally to make friends and in case any of my experience may be of help to anyone struggling.



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