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Re - mobility that's effect working

I suffer with chronic osteo arthritis in both knees , had knee major surgery in 2015 that took about 2 yrs to recovery , I was booked off work for 11 mnths , so had to live on ssp and only the last 3 mnths I got council tax benefits . It's been hard ever since , due to my condition the other knee is really bad and awaiting surgery . I can hardly work full time anymore , if I a 7 hr shift I have to spend 2 days off work due to chronic pain and mobility,I recently got an eviction notice from my landlady that she is selling and wants us out ( me and my son ) out by 1/2/18 , as you can imagine what festive this is for us ( not)!!!!!the council phoned me last week and told me that changes that I will get a council property is very rare , which I understand I be only been registered since 2014 , however at the time I was working full time so never needed help . They  ( council) have booked me an appointment for the 4/1/18, I know my landlady cannot evict me on previous day mentioned , but it's really not nice being in people's way and very uncomfortable. Most places to rent I view got stairs and it's an abcolute killer to my knee joints . Why do people look at you and they decide in face value you ok , if only they realise they brace face one have to put up daily and suffer in silence with you pain . I cannot work full time anymore due to this chronic pain , what can I do ? 



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