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Hi, my name is ChrisB!

ChrisB Member Posts: 1 Listener
My granddaughter was not diagnosed with CP until 15 months and her parents did not let her struggle.  I inherited her at 4 yrs 4 months old and she could not even get herself out of bed. her mother still kept her in diapers because it was too much work to take her to the bathroom.I hd her get herself out of bed the first day after her mother left her by coaching her and had her crawl to the kitchen for breakfast.  She could always commando crawl.Pt her in underwear and never had a problem.  she would cry and say it was too hard crawling , the first day it took her 40 minutes. now it  takes her 2 minutes.  She uses a walker independently down the hall way, can ride an adaptive bike and is getting PT for hand crutch training. I owe all of that to intensive PT that she can only get to 1x awe. at home we velcro our ankles together and walk around the house .  Have her stand at intervals that equal an hour a day, and she gets around fast with a belly scooter.  She works so hard!  I owe it all to intensive PT where the can support them with bungie crds and have them was on a tread mill, and other supported and unsupported activities.  Sh will walk independently!  Never give UP!


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    Hi @ChrisB,

    Welcome to the community :)

    Always lovely so see lots of new people joining the community - thanks for sharing your story about your granddaughter, what an inspiring person you are (and what an incredible grandchild you have too)

    Hats off to you. Do keep us posted with her progress :)

    Best wishes,


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