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Arnold Community member Posts: 35 Listener
Went for my pip assessment today but when I got there was told it had been cancelled I asked why and was told I'd already cancelled 2and you could only cancel 1 which I had. My first app was to be on the 4th of Jan at 8 .10 which I could not get to so phoned the day the letter arrived and changed it they gave me the 27 /1  2018at 1 10 which was great phoned up to confirm and was told that my app was that day 27/12 at 1 10 I disputed this so the last gave me today 29/12 at.55 asked me if I would definitely be there I was there at 4 30 only to be told my assessment was cancelled as I am only allowed to cancel 1 which I am aware of I have only cancelled 1 the other was capita's fault ,.they told me they had been trying to get hold of me all day which was a lie my son didn't pick me up until 3 30and I don't go out at all    he lost 2hea from work  and know I've been told got to get in touch with DWP I am also getting in touch with jack dromey who is my mp I told them capita were liars any suggestions thanks 


  • missvilla66
    missvilla66 Community member Posts: 1 Listener
    Any communication you make with these 'so called' health professionals should ideally be in black & white, like email or letter, your own proof of communication, failing that, if you MUST use the phone, record all conversation, an app called DU caller records all your calls incoming and outgoing so if you/they ring the calls recorded, you can always delete what you don't need, also if you do communicate over the phone always tell them your call is been recorded. Remember the old saying 'the proof is in the pudding'. 
    I recently went through a 2 year dispute with the DWP AND ATOS, for the first year it was all about gathering evidence from their 'so called' medical assessments from using the form 'how your illness effects you' to how they lie on their reports, to challenging the decisions they make that are so damningly wrong.
    I picked up on so much blatant lies, misuse of evidence I sent (to like covering my name up on prescription boxes before scanning them so decision makers could say I couldn't prove  if the drug was mine or not as my name wasn't on the prescription I sent in) oh yes ! but don't think the DWP will question the missing name on.the scanned documents they receive, oh no, they just use what's given to them, I only found out this error when I questioned why they wouldn't accept me been on Trazodone and asked for the scanned documents of my meds I had sent in. All my other meds showed my name except for the Trazodone (the one needed to prove I was on meds for anxiety & depression, coincidence? Hardly). You see on the report in the 1st instance the HCP put I presented a prescription and after asking for a copy of the report was horrified she hadn't even put the med name down she'd just wrote 'claimant presented a prescription' unbelievable but all very clever because I said I suffered side effects from the Trazodone and because the decision makers weren't told I was on Trazodone they couldn't believe I was getting the side effects. You see what you have to see is this, it only takes 1 lie, 1 misinterpretation from the HCP on their report and it starts a domino effect on your benefit claim, usually for the worse. I was awarded standard daily living and no mobility award with a reassessment in 2 years when I was transferred from my DLA in Dec after the dreaded 'face to face' assessment. I filled out the 'How your illness effects you' form and it all went wrong from there. I was on High Rate Mobility & High Rate Daily Living - indefinite, meaning unless my circumstances changed I would not be contacted regarding my claim, indefinite is almost similar to life award. My illness is degenerative so I am unlikely to get better in fact I am only getting worse.
    To cut a long story short any dept. Who tells lies about my health, lies on reports to make ME look like I am lieing about my health or misuses / tampers with any medical evidence I send in, is in for a VERY rocky ride to damnation. So when I got the award of daily living only no mobility I went straight to work on getting a copy of the report as this would be where the initial 'domino' was laid down. Anyway, after tearing the report apart bringing attention to all the lies and deceit in the report it was then the turn of the DWP to play dirty by tampering with the medical evidence I sent in which I eventually sued them for Maladministration!
    Anyway, after all was said and done I eventually got (but only due to been vigilant and keeping all correspondence in black & White I eventually had enough evidence to take the DWP & ATOS to the cleaners, I did and they lost, not only did I get back my award (but now it was enhanced mobility & enhanced daily living) and although not entirely happy because my illness is degenerative, a 4 year review instead of 2 years review. 
    After all my benefits were back to what I was getting previously on DLA I them went for the jugalar, I claimed Maladministration from the DWP, won, and sued ATOS which I also won because basically I had so much evidence on them they didn't have a choice but to pay up and admit defeat, I'm sure they know who I am now, hardly likely to mess with me again as they know I won't put up with all the **** they spew out. The DWP, ATOS, CAPITA & all the other so called health assessment depts. are all out to get you OFF a benefit in the long run, so bare this in mind with all communication to them !!!
    Never ever give up questioning what you think is wrong as there sole intention is to make it difficult for you to claim, and draw it out, and initially turn you down to what your probably entitled to in the hope you just give up. DONT. 
    Don't know where YOU are with them but good luck with your claim. If you need any help I have much personal experience I am willing to share with you.
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