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Help/advice on filling in pip form

OakeyOakey Member Posts: 5 Listener
Hiya everyone, firstly a Happy New Year to you all.

I'll get straight to the point, I received my pip form just before Christmas and due to the fact I've been ill with incontinence  since before the festive period, not that I'm right know, but am able to cough and sneeze without an accident so far this morning, although I am in some discomfort.
I received a text from the DWP first thing asking if I've sent it back, I have to return it byl the 12th Jan to return it.

I have multiple and ongoing problems, I have an appointment at the pain clinic in Burnley on the 9th Jan so doubt I would have time to sent any reports from them, what/how do I address that.
Before Christmas I had 3 lots of bowel screening tests which had abnormalities and although they seem happy for now, they picked up on an appointment I should have had with a gastrologist which was cancelled by the hospital.  They said they would chase it up which they obviously have as my GP rang last Thursday to say he'd received two letters off the Screening people.  I should hear something this week as its going through under the two week rule.  Again time is against me, or seems so and my head is all over to be able to concentrate, I just go blank and certainly cant remember things at times.  

I've managed my illnesses without being too reliant on the system and have mainly got help from friends over the years, I don't  get outwardly angry but suppress it so feeling a tad confussed at present on what I can do on top of dealing with my daily problems.

I could go on but not sure it makes any sense, so basically with time at a premium I would be grateful for any advice or direction as its starting to drive me to an emotional wreck already since the text from the DWP this morning. 

Thanks for reading and I hope your New Year has started better.



  • CockneyRebelCockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,257 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello Oakey and welcome

    First you should ring DWP and ask for an extension. They should give you a further two weeks and at the discresion of a DM four weekss

    Then onto the form
    First, to understand the points system, descriptors and criteria for an award, take the B&W self test


    PIP is about functionality more than condition so you need to fully explain how your functionality is affected in line with the descriptors,
    If you cannot do something say why, if you need assistance say why and what happens if you don't get help.
    Just do one section at a time, do it on a separate sheet until you are happy with your answers. Try and make it as simple as possible , make it idiot proof . Reference your answers to the evidence you are sending, lead the reader to the relevant wording that proves you meet the criteria. DWP are notorious for not reading the evidence, especially if they are face with "War and Peace "
    Always keep copies of your form and only send copies of your evidence.

    Hope that helps

    Please come back with any questions

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • Neil2017Neil2017 Member Posts: 156 Courageous
    Hi @Oakey
    Merry Easter to you. It’s confusing with the Cadbury’s creme eggs out so early!

    I think you can ask for a postponenment due to mitigating circumstances for applications to some benefits. Check whether it says this on your forms and literature. Either that or contact your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau for help if you can get an appointment before the 12th. Or possibly apply for the MR or mandatory review after the 12th. Yes, it is hard applying for these benefits and juggling hospital consultations and medical evidence. Sometimes wonder if confusion is my middle name!!

    I myself was topped up on the lemsips yesterday after gaining another cold from somewhere and only just got over the last one before Xmas. Can I apply for diplomatic immunity to viruses?!

    Happy new year.
  • OakeyOakey Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Thank you CockneyRebel and  Neil2017 for your quick replies.  I shall ring them tomorrow to ask for an extension given the circumstances, never knew that til you mentioned it, or more likely my brain cell missed it.  Thanks for the link CockneyRebel I shall look later, shattered know.
    Now I've chocolate thoughts Neil2017, where can you get plain chocolate cadburys creme eggs?  Not that I indulge atm tbh.

    ta mucho


  • Neil2017Neil2017 Member Posts: 156 Courageous

    You can probably buy Cadbury’s creme eggs in your local supermarket or places like poundland including the mini eggs. Got me thinking of that Dean Martin song now haha.

    best of luck sorting PIP
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    edited January 2018

    The DWP might try to fob you off when you ask for an extension. Insist you need extra time as you have to get help filling in form.

    There might be a CAB or similar locally who could help you fill in forms. Scope helpline might know of advice organisations in your area.
  • OakeyOakey Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Update.  Rang the DWP this morning and got an extra two weeks, explained my cicumstances the Lady on the other end said if I needed more time ring again, hopefully will not have too.

    Neil2017, I've yet to find a Plan Chocolate Caburys Creme Egg
  • CockneyRebelCockneyRebel Member Posts: 5,257 Disability Gamechanger
    Keep in touch and ask any questions

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • Neil2017Neil2017 Member Posts: 156 Courageous
    Hi @Oakey
    wasn’t Kinders eggs the plain ones - those with a small toy inside if they still make them.
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