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Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've been on esa for about 2 years now and when I first got accepted I was single. After a while i met someone and we moved in together so I did the right thing and called them to notify them of change of address ands circumstances. A few months later i had to have a face to face assessment which my partner attended with me.  I have since moved again with the same partner so I called them again to let them know change of address again. This time when I mentioned my partner they claimed I had never notified them of this. Which I most certainly did! They explained they have been overpaying me because of this and that I will have to pay it back! I'm barely coping as it is. Today a very very rude woman called me from esa and said a form was going to be sent to me and that I will most definitely have to pay the overpayment back. I asked why when I know i had notified them. She shouted at me saying that unless i have proof I will have to pay. She also hung up the phone on me leaving me shaking crying and scared if I'm honest. Can someone please help me. I've tried to do the right thing and feel I'm being punished for it.  I completely understand if they need to cut my payments down but not the paying it back for their mistake! 


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    Hi catherz17,

    It sounds as though the way the telephony agent from the DWP spoke to you was very poor indeed and there is no need for it. You are within your rights to make a formal complaint to customer service and all their calls are recorded. 
    All you can do is complete the form and see what happens. You may not have even been overpaid, unless the telephony agent asked about your partner's income and circumstances they aren't going to know whether you've been overpaid or underpaid. The person you spoke to on the phone is not the decision maker that will be deciding on your claim so you shouldn't worry about it too much just yet. You have the right to ask for a mandatory reconsideration and an appeal against any decision they make that you feel is wrong and you shouldn't let them win when you know you are in the right.
    It sounds as though you may need someone to help you in person so you should see an adviser in your local area to help you. Good luck and I hope it ends ok. 

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    Thank you Lee 


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