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ESA Tribunal hearing

Peachy Member Posts: 9 Listener

Hiya I should have had a medical assessment in January 2017 after sitting there for 4 hours they cancelled it.I had another letter to go for the medical assessment  last March and I had it audio recorded which I thought they wouldn't be able to lie about anything in which they did on the activity part they said I could do them when I  couldn't or they didn't even ask me to do, He said I could lie on the bed and lift both legs up straight in which I didn't even get on the bed and wouldn't be able do them any case. I have got Arthritis in my lower back and in my feet, I had an operation on my feet but it did not do anything also got tenosynovitis in my left hand and have had 2 operations on that but they were a few years ago so no hospital input now. I've got IBS and have a few mishaps because I can't get to the toilet quick enough. I have depression and have tried to take my life this was in 2014 I have managed to get the citalopram down from 40mg to 20mg but since going for the medical it made me so ill that I have finished up back on the 40mg. This is what my Doctor sent to DWP: (Suffers from depression and severe tiredness on citalopram 20mg. Whatever I do or suggest doesn't appear to help her, she gets recurrent bouts of infections and wheezing but continues to smoke. I have looked after for years and she always comes back saying I feel terrible not sure what else I can do for her sadly)

I have got my ESA Tribunal this coming Tuesday and I am getting really anxious and worried about going. Thanks any help will be appreciated  



  • steve51
    steve51 Member Posts: 7,153 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @Peachy

    Good afternoon & welcome to our online community.

    It’s great to meet you today.

    I’m sorry to hear about your current situation.

    We have got a number of things to help/support you with.

    1. We have got a off “Benefit Advisors” who would be very very handy for you???
    2. There is lots of info on “Benefit’s” this would also be very very helpful.
    3. We have got a number of “Benefit Advisors” who would be on hand for you.
     4. I/we will be able to help/support you in anyway possible.

    Please please let me know if I can help in anyway?????
  • Peachy
    Peachy Member Posts: 9 Listener

    Hiya Steve Just an update on my tribunal in which I attended today 27th. June 2018. First thing the judge asked was how I got there and I said my Daughter had brought me and dropped me off around the side of the courts, so he asked if I had to stop or anything and I said I had to stop a few times. He asked me what the main things that I wanted them to look at. I said my left hand, back and arthritis in my feet. Question 1 The judge asked how far I could walk without stopping and I said about 20 mitres which I have to stop in between that and then he if I could climb 2 steps without help from another person and I said yes as long as I could hold on something. Question 2 He asked how long I could sit for and I said about 10 mins and he said you have sat here for 15 minutes now so I said well a bit longer then but I could not sit down all day. Question 3 can I reach my arm above my head I said yes. Question 4 can you pick a jug up with water in like the one in front of you so I picked it up but my hand was shaking and nearly dropped it. Question 5 can you pick a pound coin up with either hand and I said no well can you use a pen and I said yes. Question 6 do you have loss of control over your bowels and if so how many times, I said once a week but it depends because when I am stressed I have more mishaps because I can’t get the toilet in time and when I can’t go I have got Laxido. He asked if I have a change of clothes when I go anywhere and I said yes I have got a change with me here. And he also asked me if I could work in a call centre and I said no because I could not sit there very long and in case I wanted go the toilet and I would need some help. Then he asked if I signed on jsa and I said yes because that is what I was told to do but I only went twice because they said there wasn’t a job suitable for me and she phoned me up and told me not to go and she would sign me in. and he also asked me if I got PIP and I said yes but I didn’t have enough points for the mobility but got the higher rate care component. Then he said he hadn’t got any more questions and put it over to the Doctor. The only thing he asked me was why I hadn’t been referred back to hospital after 17 years and I said because when I was under Mr McBride at the hospital I had bone scans in both feet, then I had injections in my feet twice and then I saw Mr McBride and Mr Brown from the Rheumatology department and they decided to operate and take the sesamoids out and it didn’t work so I wouldn’t have my other one done. Then the judge asked if there was anything else I wanted to ask and I said no because my head went blank. So he said they would let me know in the post and thank you for coming and luck. I was only in 20 minutes.


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