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Getting help

rachel1988 Member Posts: 14 Listener
Hello,I am struggling to get the help I need,I have depression,suffer panic attacks and have agoraphobia,I cant get out the house at all,I had a woman from my local community mental health team come round for 2 weeks to tell me she is retiring,so I couldn't continue as I felt I couldn't build a bond with her and do much before she did (this was fairly recent) I have tried finding local help but nothing (I was willing to pay) I have spoke to my doctor but he said to go to my local steps to change,I cant go out,I need the support to get out to get more help,I also have been told by my doctor I need to have my phobias diagnosed,I have suffered my problems for 10 years and not once has anyone tried to diagnose me,I have had appointments many years ago with the psychologist,but I only saw him ever 3 months and he only asked if I was sleeping,I feel I don't know what to do,I also have severe anxiety so bad I cant take medication 


  • RebeccaMHadvisor
    RebeccaMHadvisor Member Posts: 99 Courageous
    Hi @rachel1988

    I can hear that things have been very difficult for you and the help and support that you need and deserve has not been there for you.

    Unfortunately the Mental Health provision within the NHS is very stretched and sometimes the help and support that should be offered isn’t.

    There are a couple of pieces of advice I can give you but to be honest it is all about you, how you feel, what you think would work for you and helping you manage your own stress levels.

    The first is try and access that professional help and support again. Talk to your GP, ask to speak with a different GP and talk through what is happening for you and needing the diagnosis.

    The second is self help. There are a couple of good websites that can talk you through what this would look like. The NHS website gives some good advice. There is also the Anxiety UK website but you have to pay for this support which I’m always a bit wary of to be honest.



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