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Where do I stand with a Social Landlord?

K9s Member Posts: 5 Listener
Hello, first time post, please forgive the rather rumbling query I am about to make.

I suffer with sever depression and anxiety, have done for around 20 years+  This is exactly half of my life so the latter part has been dire but have battled on the best I can. I am seeking treatment currently with my Mental Health Team (MHT)

Last year, I split with my long term partner and moved back 'home' in the North to be closer to family and was lucky to receive a flat, pretty much instantly with a Housing Association (HA).  Whilst the has a bad reputation, the property that I live in is lovely, I have some nice views to look out on in a morning and see a wonderful sunrise and there is also a lot of greenery to look over too.

Now, I've only been in the property since September 2017 and may have to move although I am reluctant to, not just because I will miss the views, it will cause me too much stress.  I've foolishly tried to take my life twice over the festive period for reasons I won't divulge, and thankfully they obviously weren't successful.  I have told my MHT about this.

Now, my question.  I NEED a dog, not want, need! as I find they are a great companion and seems to be the only time when I feel contempt and, since moving, I very rarely venture out and having a dog would force me to go out and take it for multiple walks a day in the aforementioned scenery which will also help promote a healthier lifestyle and help with the depression and anxiety.

As I live in a block of flats, on the second floor with a communal entrance, the HA have a 'no dog policy', however; in the block of flats, there are a few residents who own dogs, even those who use the communal entrance. Whether this is due to people owning their property, moved in prior to the HA taking over or just went and got a dog without permission and I know one lady has a guide dog (but, a-  she's on a ground floor and has her own entrance and b - that disability is a different kettle of fish altogether).

I have gone down the other route and written a letter to the HA and stated my case and even my MHT nurse has spoken to the Housing Manager for the area.  They are saying it seems unlikely that I'm going to be allowed a dog, despite assuring them I would be a responsible owner and have a great deal of experience in owning dogs, both big and small and know how to handle and train them.

Really, now to my question.

Where do I stand under the Equality Act 2010 under the 'reasonable adjustments' section?  Regardless of whether a person owns their property or other reason (except guide dog) surely, there should be grounds on permitting this?  Any advice on this would be greatly welcomed.



  • Geoark
    Geoark Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,384 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @K9s

    A reasonable adjustment would be allowing an assistance dog, of which guide dogs are one example. With regards allowing a pet which is generally  not accepted by a landlord I really don't know.

    Your landlord could of course decide to use their own discretion on individual basis.

    @Debbie_Scope may be able to offer further advice.

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