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New Year resolutions around food and getting fit?

Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
January is a time when a lot of us use the start of a new year to look at our weight and fitness, it can be tough when many food and exercise plans aren't too inclusive.

We are thrilled to have the brilliant @KirstenNutritionAdvisor on board as our food and nutrition advisor supporting us with healthy food choices and healthy lifestyle choices.  If you have a question for Kirsten from The Food Remedy then head over to her Nutrition Advisor category and see if she can help.

woman doing yoga

There is some advice on exercising as a wheelchair user here on the NHS website and if you have a search online for your impairment and exercises you will usually find workouts, videos and support.

Whether you are looking at seated chair exercise, or want to build up to walking, running or cycling.  Perhaps you would like to start swimming more or you'd like to try yoga? Physical exercise is beneficial to all of us and we are lucky to have so many resources at our fingertips.

Let us know about your fitness and nutrition plans for 2018!
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  • bevt2017bevt2017 Member Posts: 353 Pioneering
    Hi @Sam_Scope
    Iv'e been a size 10 -12 all my life, and my height is 6"2 
    But for the passed 3-5 months I've been gaining lots of weight. (I'm 45yrs old now).
    Ive spoken to my doctor about my concerns. But she said not to worry. Has Its probably due to my metabolism slowing down, and i dont get any exercise anymore. I'm really upset about it, and I've decided not to eat. I know it's not healthy, but i eat very little has it is. Any suggestions what to do?
    I can't do any exercises due to my disabilitys. So can you maybe suggest foods to help
  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @bevt2017
    As you say yourself, you know that not eating is not good.  We need food as fuel and stopping eating is bad for your body and your health.

    @KirstenNutritionAdvisor can you help?

    Also you say you can't do any exercises, are you sure? Exercise doesnt have to be slogging it in the gym, there are some great seated exercise plans around. 
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  • bevt2017bevt2017 Member Posts: 353 Pioneering
    Hi @Sam_Scope
    I know it's not healthy, but i can't stop putting on weight. ive asked the doctor to check my thyriod, I think she just thinks it's lack of exercise? I'm going again on fri so hopefully she will do something.
    I will definitely check out Kirsten for some idea's. 
    I have a lot of nerve damage in my head. Which has left me profoundly deaf, with tinnitus and a lot of neurological problems also. 
    Even sitting down has it's problems. But I will check out Kirsten idea's 
    Thank you
  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
    Have a look at 'in bed exercises' on youtube there are some great things that start to build strength.

    I would also be honest with your doctor and let them know how much this is bothering you and see what support they can offer.

    Senior online community officer
  • bevt2017bevt2017 Member Posts: 353 Pioneering
    Hi @Sam_Scope
    I will make sure she listens this time. Something is deffenatly wrong?
    Thank you for the video 
    It' been nearly 2 years I slept in a bed, so might try it on the settee.
    Your a star 
    Thanx again
  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,729 Disability Gamechanger
    They might be right in that your mobility is affecting your weight, but maybe they can be more helpful in finding exercises that you can do! Good luck and let us know what they say.  And please do eat! 
    Senior online community officer
  • MonicaNobrega2MonicaNobrega2 Member Posts: 3 Listener
  • thespicemanthespiceman Member Posts: 6,408 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Sam_Scope How are you?  Thank you for writing about exercise and food fitness etc.  Only if our community knew it is taking small steps.  Changes happen but slowly.  Welcome to our Nutrition Advisor.  I do exercise and do in the morning stretching and a form of Tia Chi which helps my muscles.  I have motobility problems and muscle pain all the time.  So doing your warm up simple slow movement is a struggle but I do about ten minutes per day.  Also the most important meal of the day.  I met several people who do not eat breakfast why it puzzles me.  So I ensue have a balance of protein and yes fruit and even vegetables for breakfast.  Being a mind set why does the best meal of the day be boring toast and cereal.  I have everything from veggie soup to eggs either poached, scrambled or my favourite frittata with onions and peppers sometimes zucchini.  Make it allow it go warm then have that.  Any left quick snack for later.  Breakfast what is your favourite style that is unusual?  By way I know people in cold weather have a spiced soup, curry and the rest.  Always have fruit and yoghurt with cinnamon.  I just want to tell the community be aware of something I did last year.  Silly me applied for a gym membership started well and great.  As I progressed slowly feeling tired driving.  Have no one to take me, limited bus services.  Any way my problems with feet and legs and the pain set off my radiating pain in my legs.  By Summer well end of thought I can not do this.  Looking at other options.  Thought about a group session just find them hard to be involved in.  In to doing things my way, besides felt you are also comparing your self to others.  Looking at disabled groups non in my area.  Got to stop had to.  Still do warm up my Tai Chi on morning plus do housework sweeping floor helps most days.  Walking around house helps.  Problem got now entered a years contract have to notify gym of cancelling.  Issue is that there is such complex rules in cancelling.  Found this out.  Knowning this I would not have joined.  I hope others do not do the same.  Mind you please can I say  have a disability or mental health condition such not stop you looking at everything about nutrition.  After getting sorted about my addiction looked at diet and the rest.  Got a qualification in related health and done loads of those sorts of courses.  If I can do this I hope others can.  It taken me about twenty plus to find the right balance and as you have seen from my many ramblings and rants on food and nutrition etc.  Lovely to talk to you take care and I hope the new nutritional advisor can get all the support fro our community.
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