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Hiya I should have had a medical assessment in January 2017 after sitting there for 4 hours they cancelled it.I had another letter to go for the medical assessment  last March and I had it audio recorded which I thought they wouldn't be able to lie about anything in which they did on the activity part they said I could do them when I  couldn't or they didn't even ask me to do, He said I could lie on the bed and lift both legs up straight in which I didn't even get on the bed and wouldn't be able do them any case. I have got Arthritis in my lower back and in my feet, I had an operation on my feet but it did not do anything also got tenosynovitis in my left hand and have had 2 operations on that but they were a few years ago so no hospital input now. I've got IBS and have a few mishaps because I can't get to the toilet quick enough. I have depression and have tried to take my life this was in 2014 I have managed to get the citalopram down from 40mg to 20mg but since going for the medical it made me so ill that I have finished up back on the 40mg. This is what my Doctor sent to DWP: (Suffers from depression and severe tiredness on citalopram 20mg. Whatever I do or suggest doesn't appear to help her, she gets recurrent bouts of infections and wheezing but continues to smoke. I have looked after for years and she always comes back saying I feel terrible not sure what else I can do for her sadly)

I have got my ESA Tribunal this coming Tuesday and I am getting really anxious and worried about going. Thanks any help will be appreciated  



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