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Hi, my name is merrygorounder!

Long Term Disability Benifit claimant here , having a huge , whole new Chance of having my life back ... but stuck on a island ledge here just at the time i am ready to GO..
Feeling Isolated and Alone in my entire Business Plan , not because its a **** business plan but due to the realisation that there is No one to turn too at the most crucial of stages.

XXX  For things like having a business mentor to watch over me step by step.
XXX  For finding avenues to raise even the smallest of Start Up funds.. I cant even afford to register the business which makes me sad.
XXX  For supporting me to secure the 4 month temporary POP UP SHOP available by the Council in Exeter to get my feet in the front door of the retail space i need.
XXX  To help me finance not just the Business Name and to register it as a Limited Company but to also have enough funds to buy stock to fill the store , to pay the initial rent which is a month by month temporaqry lease arrangement ..
XXX  To help me get the starters of a Web Site built so i can begin to Market the retail business and also to get cheap if not free help to develop the logo idea I am with myself.

The EXPERIENCE i am having is complete lonliness while i sit and i sit and i sit waiting for me to find the right business minded person who can read and understand my need and will to unlock the potential i have insiide me to move out of a world where i am reliant into a place where I am self sufficent and in a position to help , to teach and share with other disabled persons that life doesnt have to end with disability.
Getting the Kick Start feels near impossible to achieve and i keep asking myself why there is little incentive, virtually no help and support to get seriously fustrated people like myself off a lifestyle that is pointless and meaningless to me.
I want more from my life but feel i am lacking the TOOLS, THE SCOPE TO SEE PAST MY TOES AND NOT GETTING ANY SUPPORT FROM MY PEERS, MY FREINDS OR ANYONE I KNOW , they all seem miserable and fustrated but unable to see what i see and want for my future now i am in my mid 50s and with common sense on my shoulders.
Please HELP,
Please say something encouraging and please if you can show me the way to not feeling and ending up a defeatest in this dream I want and cant stop myself from wanting.
Without it I have nothing more to do with my life but to remain just as things are.
Phil M in Mid Devon..annd desperate for change..



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