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SMI payments will be ending as of April

clr44clr44 Member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi it’s my first time ever on a chat/info line , I had a letter through my door saying that my SMI payments will be ending as of April, the leaflet was demoralising and very insulting , I work , but cannot earn much as I have two children one of which is registered didsabled , I am a full time carer for him and also a single Mum , I now have been told that I need to find an extra £180 a month , which is something is totally out of my control as caring for my son has to take priority, or get myself in debt with the loan and stick a huge amount of pressure on my children , I cannot downsize as the leaflet suggests to people then I would be in a 1 bedroom place for 3 of us , nor can I ask family members or friends for financial help, I’m worried sick that I will now lose our home for something that has not been our fault , my sons dissability was not his fault, my caring role as a parent is not my fault, and me being a single Mum is not my fault , I am trying to better myself by taking up further education to better my chances of a career later in life , it’s not like I am someone sitting on a sofa with my hand out for payouts , I’m struggling with the future now and worst thing is we now could lose our home . Does anyone else share a similar situation at this scary time? I generally don’t know what to do


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