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What are your experiences of extra costs as a disabled person?



  • jan67
    jan67 Community member Posts: 7 Listener
    Hi everyone. I have bn awarded standard mobility from high dla. I had Mobility car which is goin next week. In order to get about I had to purchase my own car. I need hand controls to drive which cost me £1000. Plus £50 for steering ball. No grants available or second hand ones. Every car that goes back to dealer with controls on are either sold with them on or they are removed and dumped. Plus my insurance starts from scratch. No no claims bonus so it’s £400. And next 4 yrs I hav to pay extra premium to protect my bonus. Can’t believe there is no help out there for people in my situation. Surely these controls on dla cars can be salvaged. When I rang Motability they said I can take controls of myself but will only fit car same as one I had to giv up. Could all Motability customers remove their controls and re sell them or giv to a charity who can sell them on to people who will benefit from it. Especially at this present time when so many people are losing out on such an important part of their ‘normal ‘ life. 
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,379 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @jan67 Pleased to meet you this is cause for concern.  I have just received my Motobility pack, still waiting to be assessed for PIP.

    Looks like a possibility could be in limbo here.  If I ring up because it seems there are certain rules.  If still waiting on PIP or less than a year on present contract.

    I will contact Motobility see the problem sorted.  Why can you not buy the car you have handed back in?   With the controls on Just a suggestion.  I am going to do that, if I have to.

    I am sure you can do that, I do know the car dealer I have been with them such a long time.  They want my business and money.

    It says in the package I have just received.

    The scheme will offer an opportunity to buy the car at the end of the lease.

    The payments that would otherwise have been received upon returning the vehicle can be directed towards purchase price.

    I am so sorry about what has happened to you.  Added costs but there must be some clear advice given.  Should say in package about putting money away or saving plans.  I got a letter the other day from DWP.  All about the procedure and when it is going to happen.

    Please can I say I feel for you and do understand the situation very clearly.

    I have to look to the future, have no body, live alone, isolated village, no good transport links.  Started saving much as I could.

    Hopefully that will be enough.  I know and do sympathise with others in our community.

    I had a couple of years ago remember it well met a lad who had moved into where I lived.  Knocked on my door, lost car through reassessment.  Asked me straight away, lost me car mate.  Right I said sorry.  Did not cotton on.  Why are you here, well you have a car on this scheme.  Could you help me out.  Well in what sense, I replied Oh lifts here and there.  I said who are you and how then the bomb dropped wanted me for a taxi.

    Never introduced himself found out that him and his wife both worked .  His wife part-time.  I casually suggested why did you not put any money away.  Had opportunity.  Give you notice three years, letter came.  Why not have you done anything.?

    I am a Christian charitable gentleman help many of our community and always will.  There is a way to do things is there not.  I did ask I struggle would you help me.  Almost speechless as he just swore and walked away.  I also suggested will you pay me for taking him and his spouse where ever, well his words I will negotiate on that.

    I do not mind if anybody struggling with transport to shops or the odd appointment not that though.

    I mean I gave two people in the shop who parked next door to me, in the parking bay, disabled like me.  Asked me do you have bags mate.  Of course gave them some, still waiting and hoping to get them to give me some bags, no hope.

    This is afraid the same story you have to be prepared for what is going to happen.

    Think of tomorrow I have to.  Weathers getting bad next week, time to plan for snow.  So I hope and pray that you try to get resolved.

    I am sorry about additional costs.  I just hope I have enough put away.  I am not being critical here, I hope I am not.

    Nice to talk to you 
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  • CockneyRebel
    CockneyRebel Community member Posts: 5,209 Disability Gamechanger
    Universal hand controls for automatic cars and sterring wheel knobs can be found on e bay for around £100 if suitable

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,379 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @CockneyRebel Good afternoon How are you? Hope you OK. This is why I was trying to say previous post.  You need to access information.  Give your self opportunities to look around what is available.

    Plan and be careful in what you do.  Recently met so many people who for example had my car.  I drive a Nissan Micra.  The car is ideal for a single person.  New model might not come out till Summer.  

    Limited then for choice.  Had to buy Nissan Juke a lot larger than Micra.  Said a lad I met in the car park couple weeks ago.  Problems driving it mate he said.

    I explained did you go on to websites, look around see what is available.  I had three options last time I said.  Just need to look around.  Had no idea.

    All options are open.  I do know if my PIP did end I would consider all access to what is available.

    Consult you the Team at SCOPE to advise on PIP and other information.  You can help with.  Thank you.

    Great to speak to you have not spoken for a while

    Nice to see you nice as they say
    Community Champion
    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
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