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Employer/ Voluntary work Insurance and unstable epilepsy

lindapr1 Member Posts: 4 Listener
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I have just joined this community as the mum of a 33 year old son who has unstable epilepsy and ptsd.
He very much wants to be involved in something but is constantly running into hurdles. 
The main problem seems to be insurance. Even in the voluntary sector he has not been able to take part because of the issues over safety in the workplace. Insurers refuse or can only provide with prohibitively high premiums.
I am enquiring on his behalf as I have come across some volunteering opportunities at spurn point which is on our doorstep. These are listed in the search accessed through Scope's page.
I would like to look into this further but at the moment he is saying that he doesn't feel that he could handle another rejection. I don't want to put him in that position so have not even mentioned it to him.
I would very much appreciate your help with this as I would like to be able to explore this initially to determine whether or not it is a viable option for him. If it does turn out that they would be able to accept a volunteer with his disability including the insurance required, I could then advise him that this is doable . If not, then he would not be dealing with further disappointment.
At this point, he feels that all of the legislation in favour of inclusion for the disabled has been of no benefit to those who find themselves sidelined because of insurance issues.
He is a very capable young man who wants to be useful in the community  and to feel that he has a life.
Is there any way that you can assist me with this?



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