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Hi, my name is katherinemayb!

ESA Appeals.
I have multiple long term physical and mental health conditions. I'm 60  and have been ill for over two years. I'm having to appeal as the deposit have assessed me as fit for work. To work would be dangerous for me as I have frequent migraine s which makes me unsteady on my feet. I can't drive and have to go to bed. I have fallen over during and following migraine s. I have fibromyalgia so I am exhausted all the time. I have osteo arthritis in most of my joints and so my bones and muscles are in pain. I have an inflamed bowel, tinnitus, shoulder injury which won't heal and have recently torn some back muscles. I have long term mental health problems with anxiety and depression. I am so overwhelmed by the miserable existence. I should be getting my retirement pension but they put mine up 6 years. The deposit say as they decided I can sit down for an hour I can work. It's an hour's bus ride to town. If I do anything I am incapable of anything else that day. Just 30minutes housework and I am nackered. If I got a job I wouldn't be able to do it. This is a breach of human rights. If a farmer made his sick collie work when he had arthritis and say kennel cough it would be a crime under cruelty laws and face prosecution. Why is it to expect a sick person to work when doing so could make her worse or endanger her safety risk injury? This is unlawful and needs challenging in court. Don't let them win.


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    Hi katherinemayb and welcome

    Do you also claim PIP ?

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
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    Hi yes I got that on review and with the MP contacting the DWP.
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    It took over 6 months to get PIP. Basically the assessor thought I looked young for my age. She asked every question: 'you don't need help with this do you" when I tried to explain why I did need help she moved swiftly on. The whole assessment for PIP took 20 minutes. Considering how many health issues I have that was totally inadequate. Now it's the ESA. They sent me a P45 the next day following the decision. I sent it back with a note saying as I am medically certified unfit for work I wouldn't need the P45 and was not able to claim JSA as I am unfit for work. I am not going to let them treat me like this. They are driving people like me to suicide but they are wrong and we are right. I wouldn't let them take me to self destruct. If I have to go on and on it will cost them more to fight us than to just pay what we are entitled to. They are making life hard to save money but we can make it hard for the DWP too. I am really struggling to find the strength but I remember when we were treated as human beings. This has to change and never become accepted. Or what kind of future will we leave for the next generation.


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