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Hi, my name is lefkasjules!

lefkasjules Member Posts: 2 Listener
Just joined tonight


  • Katy_Alumni
    Katy_Alumni Member Posts: 60 Courageous
    Hi @lefkasjules and welcome to the online community! Would you like to tell us a little bit more about yourself?
  • lefkasjules
    lefkasjules Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi im jules and i suffer with osteoarthritis, i also have spondittus in my back think thats what it is called.my main problems seem to be hips knees and back severe pain like a burning poker if anyone knows what i mean. Any help would be appreciated  re my pain.my doctor as put me on codryomol 2 3 times a day plus some new tablets that are mea t to be for depression but work well with pain im told.i also use voltarol gel when things get really bad.ive applied for pip but only early stages  sent my form off and they have received it , had a email saying i may have to see someone.


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