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Need your best advice

BlueBoy22 Community member Posts: 12 Listener
Hi there. first I appreciate Scope's team and available n kind advisors. I just joined the community and If I can borrow some minutes of your valuable time, I'd like to tell you some parts of my life to introduce myself technically and to get best advices. I'm BluBoy or now I just preferred this nickname. I'm 28. I'm living in Birmingham(Erdington) for few years now and also I'm not from UK. I'm Persian. And if my English is limited, apologies. I've been working on it.
well! If I can say I think I have to do SOMETHING couse I don't want to waste the time, the life in other words.
I should say I have one arm paralysis couse I had a traffic accident several years ago. And you know! Everything's changed... 
I had to live by using one hand n I still have to. Many massive difficulties...
But before the accident I was playing football in a division 1's team in my own country. We're training 4 days a week. I could play football so likeable, honestly. I was going high school as well. but as I said after the accident my whole life's changed and I had to say hello to massive pain and grief and new unknown world for me. I had to fight n struggle to even simple daily routines. I'm still fighting but Let's skip this part and come back to here, Birmingham.
I interested in and need to play football or another sports, to join a team. I've got potential certainly and need to Start n Try  AGAIN. so now need your professional advices, many thanks. :))


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