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Type 1 diabetic - finding work hours to suit me?

lindap Member Posts: 6 Listener
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  • lindap
    lindap Member Posts: 6 Listener
    I am a 57 year old and type 1 diabetic how can I find work hours don't suit me on most jobs 
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,799 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @cupcake1, and welcome to the community!

    I've moved this post into our ask an employment advisor category, where a specialist will hopefully be able to help. In the meantime, you may like to take a look at Scope's Support to Work scheme.
  • Mwila_Scope
    Mwila_Scope Scope Support to Work service Posts: 52 Pioneering
    Hi @cupcake1

    Hope you're well and many thanks for your question.
    I think the the first thing to consider is what kind of jobs are you currently looking/ applying for? and secondly what sort of hours would be suitable to yourself?

    A lot of employers are flexible in terms of working times, obviously this is dependent on the needs of the business. Therefore the most important thing is getting in front of employer and impressing them with your skills, experience and personality and getting your foot through and having that conversation in regards to working hours.

    If you would like more information or support in finding suitable employment within your capabilities and with hours that are convenient for you, you can contact Scope's Support to Work service on 0300 222 5742 or email us at [email protected] alternatively you can register your interest here and a member of the team will get in contact with you as soon as possible 
    Hope that helps 

    Scope Employment Advisor
    Phone: 0300 222 5742
    Email: [email protected]
  • Jade1
    Jade1 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    I have a friend called helen she has type 1 diabetes and she injects every morning and afternoon and night before food and does really well and I look after helen so much Helen is a good friend to care for x I like her so much I care for her 


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