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Hi, my name is peter

reynoldsreynolds Member Posts: 1 Listener
We have a 10 year old daughter, Aurelia who has a sensory processing disorder and speech and language disorder. We're hoping to speak with others who might have a similar situation. Her disability doesn't seem to fit into any standard area and therefore it is difficult to know how to best support and give her what she needs. Her disability isn't immediately visible but she has problems with short and long-term memory, doesn't write really or read, difficulties contextualising situations and doesn't have the ease of language which allows her to relate or describe what she is experiencing. At the moment we are looking at alternative schools that might be able to provide her with more specific support specially now when she is moving towards her secondary years and where everything in the curriculum is accessed via reading and writing. Any thoughts? Peter


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    Hi @reynolds, and welcome to the community! It's great to have you here.

    I've moved this post into our ask an SLT advisor category, to see if our advisor has any suggestions for you. You might like to have a look at our education and learning discussions too.

    We also have some members who have mentioned sensory processing disorder in the past: @nicki13, @justthe5ofus, @Neshama, @Tina5671, do you have any advice for Peter? 
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    Dear Peter,

    It's good to hear from you.  

    There os a great website called The Good Schools Guide.  It has an independent write up of each school around the country and you can pay them a direct fee to get individualised advice around your daughter's individual needs.

    Good Luck.

    Nicola Lathey
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    Please excuse my typo! 

    Nicola Lathey
    Speech And Language Advisor
    Phone: 01242 571883
    Email: [email protected]
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    Hi Peter, 


    What you could be describing is Auditory processing Disorder, which is about the brain having problems processing what the ears hear, and more specifically the Temporal types of Auditory Processing Disorder which is about having problems processing the gaps between sounds which can include the gaps between words in rapid speech. it is also the main underlying cognitive cause of developmental dyslexia. those of us who have this  type of APD are not able to process the gaps between the sounds that the letters in a word represent.
    Sensory Processing Disorders are about being over or under sensitive to various types of sensory input, which can vary from one individual to another. those who are over sensitive to sound have Misophonia and or Hyperacusis. 
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    Scope community team

    Did you ever have any luck identifying support for your daughter @reynolds. Has she started secondary school yet?
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    Hi @reynolds
    I am still working out how to post in thsi group, lol, all part of my auditory processing disorder.

    you may find some of the research papers I have listed in my new Auditory Processing Disorder research paper compilation at Zotero may help explain the issues your daughter may be experiencing. 
    I have listed research papers in some subsections, as there are 4 types of Auditory Processing Disorder, and even more related topics (The Temporal type of APD and the Random Gap Detection Test subsections may be of some particular interest) on one of my Evernote web pages at
    "My New Zotero Auditory Processing Disorders Research Paper Group" 

    I hope this helps
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