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new are/-benefits/-entitlement to home help i already receive..

mazgo Member Posts: 10 Listener
my husband after 28 years of being together told me two years ago that he no longer loves me and only sees my disability. (fibro/arthritis-trapped nerves etc/ underactive thyroid/depression/anxiety, Dystonia affecting my right hand/wrist etc etc). my body it going down hill at a massive rate-trapped nerve emanating from my neck which is the probably worst part of my body affected my the osteoarthritis, my knees/hips/shoulders/lower spine are also affected but moving at not so much an alarming rate. too add to all these my memory is also an issue to the point of i have had test and am kept an eye on etc. my ACE-R (all categories) is 81/100 and my mum who had dementia early stages scored so she thinks 79/100... now im not sure it was even the same tests etc etc so im not too alarmed about this test thing but i am aware that it does cause me some mega **** issues.The questions i ask myself are am i safe in a totally new area etc.... i can get lost in spalding with all the regeneration of the town lol... my Gp and specialist has said that they really dont recommend an operation on my neck/spine as too risky so its an 'it will do what its gonna do' so i exercise as much as i can- swimming etc with my home helps aid. Also they took away my driving licence a few years ago because my then Gp wouldn't sign the forms needed stating that she could not live with herself had i caused an accident. so that is also a major issue on where i move to , it has to have very very good bus services etc. So after me trying to save our marriage (23 years) its took its toll on me mentally/physically etc.. so because mark wants the house im on the move with about £50000 from the equity.. iv live in Spalding, south linc bordering to norfolk & peterborough. im not a city girl as live in a village at the mo. I quite like the idea of moving away to about 1hr drive for the family/friends to visit.. etc we used to have a caravan in heacham/hunstanton and loved it there. so relaxing and photographically fantastic opportunities etc etc ... But may end up being in a caravan (approx £25000 + £3000 per annum ground rent) 11 months of the year. yes i could afford to buy out right n leave me with £25000 but how long will that last and its not an investment but Wow to the quality of life but unable to sustain the ground rent inevitably. my other thoughts are moving to maybe grantham-stamford or even grimsby. the further north along the east coast the cheaper the mortgages etc so able to invest in better home etc. but ...??? not sure what to do. we have lived in this area forever.. yes i have always wanted to move away from spalding but Alone?? no support etc???
Any ideas on how do i get advise on the benefits moving, i mean i take it that the pip and dla wont change because of where i move too??? but the home help/ mental health team help i get as n when i need ( a phone call and 'Marcus' from mental health team is here)...good Gp's hospitals etc etc etc.... all so scary but also n lil exciting too... but mainly scared **** !!!
any advise is mega greatly appreciated babz....xxxx


  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,793 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @mazgo,

    Sorry to hear about your situation- it sounds like you've been dealing with a lot, and I'm glad you're seeing your move as mostly a positive experience. It's completely natural to feel apprehensive about it.

    I'd advise checking out Scope's page on housing which has lots of links to organisations that may be able to provide guidance on your search and on the moving process, and also the online benefits calculator to check that you're claiming all that you may be entitled to- housing benefit in particular may be of interest. Do have a read and come back to us with any questions!
  • Debbie_Alumni
    Debbie_Alumni Member Posts: 932 Pioneering
    Hi @mazgo,

    It's worth checking to see if housing benefit can help with the ground rent. Shelter has a bit of information about this but you'll probably need some face to face advice to work out if it will be covered and how much will be covered. You've mentioned living there for 11 months of the year and this suggests that it would be a holiday home rather than a residential property, so it's unlikely that housing benefit will be payable. If you were able to find a mobile home which you can occupy all year round, you might be able to get some help with the ground rent. It's all very complicated to work out and this is just a guide, so it really is best to get some further advice. 
    Mobile homes are becoming a very popular housing option but the legal side of things can be really complex and expensive. Don't rule it out, but do make sure you're as well informed as you can be.

    It's going to be hard setting up again and of course it's natural to worry about what help you might get in the new area. If you have a Social Worker, talk to them to see if they can offer any advice on how to make the change with no interruption in your care. Local Authorities generally won't assess you until you live in their area but if you already have a care package, you should see if it can be transferred to another authority.

    Benefits are another tricky one to factor into the decision making. PIP won't be affected by a house move but if you're on a means-tested benefit and you move to a full-service Universal Credit area, your existing means-tested benefit/s will end and a new claim for Universal Credit triggered. Again, this is just a guide and you would need further advice about your own individual circumstances. A good starting place if you're in receipt of means-tested benefits is our Universal Credit information page. Housing benefit is one of the benefits being replaced with Universal Credit so this also needs to be factored into your decision making.

    You haven't mentioned your age but there's a good website called which provides information on accommodation for older people and you can search for home services too.

    It sounds as though you're well supported where you live at the moment and you're happy with the care and help you receive. I hope that you're able to get all the advice and support you need with this decision. 

    Most of all I hope that you're able to do what makes you happy and keeps you well.

    Best wishes


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