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Hi, my name is paulapickles!

Hi I'm new. I have chronic widespread joint hyper mobility , dropped arches and fallen ankles , anxiety and depression. And migraines eyes getting worse by the day.  Every days a constant struggle made even worse by the benefit system which results in an even worse time than already having. Much love for letting me join u all. ❤️


  • JennysDad
    JennysDad Member Posts: 2,299 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello Paula (I'm guessing :) ) @paulapickles and welcome to the community. It's good to have you with us.
    All I now know about joint hyper mobility I have learned through Google just now, and it sounds pretty awful to me, whilst anxiety and depression I know only too well. And, of course, the current 'benefit system' is awful beyond a joke.
    I've found a discussion, begun last December but still apparently ongoing, which might be of interest to you regarding HMS https://community.scope.org.uk/discussion/34543/joint-hypermoblity-spectrum-disorder  There are one or two links in it that I think you might find useful.
    You can also use the search box to find posts and discussions on depression and anxiety, and on benefits. There is also a benefits advisor you might be able to make use of.
    Let me know if any of this helps (and if it doesn't :) ) and don't hesitate to ask any questions or suggest any ways you think we might be able to help.
    Warmest best wishes to you,

  • Lasian_Alumni
    Lasian_Alumni Member Posts: 659 Pioneering
    Hi @paulapickles, welcome to the community :) 

    I have joint hypermobility as well, with my dropped arches causing a lot of trouble even with the special insoles!

    Please do let us know if there's anything we can help or support you with.
  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @paulapickles
    Welcome to the community! :)
    Senior online community officer


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