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Mock the Weak

sleepy1 Community member Posts: 297 Pioneering
Is it just me or does anyone else feel like giving up altogether?

I'm so fed up with what the DWP (government) are doing with the treadmill of filling in forms (that they ignore anyway),  so called medical assessments where non qualified people tell blatant lies, pointless reconsiderations where decision makers prefer to believe those lies rather than actually bother to look at any other information from more educated people. 

Also having to be interrogated in a court by a group of high and mighty folk who ask the most ridiculous questions,  where your witness is not even allowed to speak!

Lost for more words atm



  • wilko
    wilko Community member Posts: 2,458 Disability Gamechanger
    From what I have read it's not the boarder line cases but those that should be waved straight throu to get their rightful benefits, are being targeted into making appeals and taking the DWP to tribunals and winning in most cases. Don't give up, if you know you are entitiled stick to your guns and fight till the end.
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @sleepy1 Pleased to meet you.  Welcome .  I understand this situation very clearly as do most of the community

    I have been claiming benefits since early eighties and am still am afraid doing it.

    That in the last 20 years every two years the DWP would re assess me and every thing.  Given half the chance in a real world be told .  Will not assess you.  Benefits, can not see you getting work.

    This is what should be happening.  So it goes on.  Last year.  Had assessment ESA success.  At the age of 53 yrs old.  Now always be there again .  Another circle of failure and the sign on.  No where courses and the back on the sick.  Round and round I go.

    Imagine me filling in form after form for twenty years plus.  My lovely support worker enclosed a letter.  In so many words enough is an enough for this Gentleman.

    I have worked in the eighties and nineties got a huge amount of qualifications and the rest.  I think I have done so much.  Yet they think I can still and want me to work.  Even though I have been on a merry go round last twenty years.  

    So I apologise for talking about my issues but what you have raised is a gripe for a lot of us in the community.

    There are people older than me.  I met ladies and gents late 50s early sixties those ESA stopped.  In a similar picture to me.

    I hope to talk to you nice to have met you.  Take care.

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  • debkenzo
    debkenzo Community member Posts: 110 Pioneering
    Dear Sleepy1
    I felt like giving up in more ways than one!!  The heartless idiots that create these policies want us to give up, the whole system is designed that way!!  Do Not make it easy for them!  Fight for what is Right!!! 
    Debbie :)
  • sleepy1
    sleepy1 Community member Posts: 297 Pioneering
    Hi wilco

    Thanks for your reply and encoriging words. Know I should be entitled but not sure I can put myself through another tribunal.  Bad memories from being kidnapped and interrogated  by my ex who would hold his own court leaves me filled with dread. 
    Erasionel I know, but no matter how much I try not too, I just completely freeze apart from stupid words when put in any situation where someone is grilling me.

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