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Hi, my name is elizabethr!

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My story is a long one so I'll leave that for now. I am disabled with long term chronic invisible health conditions. I also care for.my husband who is also disabled with chronic invisible health conditions. I used to work full time (stressful job and travelling) and my hobbies were very active (amateur stage, swimming, walking, skating) non of which i can do now. I struggle with life a lot if the time but i do have quite a positive attitude which helps. I have ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, crohns my husband has complex regional pain syndrome which has now been categorised as an auto immune disease . He has other symptoms besides the CRPS. He's just going through a review of his ESA (support group) and going form DLA PIP. This is making our lives quite stressful as you can imagine. Signing off for now as I'm quite weary .


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    Hi @elizabethr and welcome to the community! Great to have you here.

    So sorry to hear about your circumstances: I have some of the same conditions to you and can completely empathise with losing a sporty/ active lifestyle. If we can support or advise you in any way, do let us know. For now, you may like to take a look at our PIP information page. Hope today is as kind as possible to you and your husband!