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Mental Health, Agrophobia

i have mental health issues, I suffer from Agrophibia as well as other medical conditions.

i had had CBT, they said I needed more help than they could provide, I have recently been referred to Psychiatrist Team, she came to my home, told her all my problems, she said there are a couple of things she could send me to, I explained I had Agrophibia, and was why it was a home assessment, she said unfortunately I had to go to places for help, and that if I wanted someone to come jn to my home I would have to go private, she and her colleagues would send me people they recommend and their contact details, I said I am in benefits and can't afford to go private, her reply was a lot of our clients are on benefits and people they recommend don't kver charge they are quite reasonable as they know people like me don't have much mkney, she ended by saying her and her colleagues will have a meeting to discuss the way forward and would telephone me to tell me the outcome.


  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @nutsville, thanks for sharing this with us. Agoraphobia must be really challenging to live with, I'm glad to hear that the person you saw sounded like they were looking to take this further and find a solution for you. Do keep us updated and let us know if there's anything we can assist you with!
  • SMW83
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    @nutsville I too suffer from Agoraphobia and almost 4 years on from my diagnosis, I have yet to recieve any real assistance.

    Athough I too have had CBT via telephone, much of the assistance I have been offered has been outside of my home, which considering our Agoraphobia, is extremely nonsensical. My circumstance is a little more ‘niche’ with me suffering PTSD meaning I cannot engage with males and being male myself, my local authority will not allow females to come to my home to offer therapies but I’m sure if this was a possibility for me, it may be available to you too. I have found that a lot of the assistance isn’t forthcoming especially with the constraints on the NHS but keep pressing for these therapies by talking to your doctors/therapists as much as possible otherwise you may find yourself in the situation I find myself in years down the line.
  • nutsville
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    Hi @nutsville, thanks for sharing this with us. Agoraphobia must be really challenging to live with, I'm glad to hear that the person you saw sounded like they were looking to take this further and find a solution for you. Do keep us updated and let us know if there's anything we can assist you with!
    Yes agrophobia is really challenging to live with, I also suffer severe anxiety and depression, OCD, have severe industrial hearing loss, osteoarthritis as well so all in all life can be extremely hard.....but hey ho, no-one is perfect.....if you don't laugh at times life would be harder......and sometimes I think there is always someone worse off than me
  • Luckyboy
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    Hi everyone. 
    I've suffered with mental health issues for three decades. After being diagnosed with agoraphobia & social phobias many years ago. I was initially given help where a young male psychiatrist visited my home every week for about 20 wks.
    Thereafter, nothing!
    No more home visits, no support, no help or guidance ~ just left alone to get on with it.
    Now, at 51, I've started having extreme bouts of sadness, anxiety & depression like never before. I sit at home crying/sobbing sometimes for hours. I feel so low & empty. I eventually conclude that there is no point in living life like this. Scary, crazy, horrible thoughts start racing through my mind. I'm desperate for help but don't know who or where to turn to. My GP just pushes anti-depressants under my nose. But they make it worse. I tried Sertraline last year but it took away all emotions & to a point made things much worse, so I stopped taking them. Then I found this group. Just being able to express my feelings out in the open online has helped because I know it's a start & that hopefully others on here can offer me some sort of help or offer advice on other guidance groups available for long term mental health sufferers like myself.
    I was supposed to attend the medical assessment for PIPS last Monday but missed it due to my low low feelings & circumstances. But it's nice just to be able to express my troubles on here & know I am not alone ~ I'd love to be able to return to work. But with no support around me to help, I feel this will never be.
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @Luckyboy Pleased to meet you Welcome.  Please may I say sorry what has happened to you.  I do feel for you.

    I use this forum every day and to say how I am feeling.

    Having a mental health condition is never easy I see you are struggling with your situation.  I have anxiety and depression.

    I do know from reading on the forum what ever the mental health illness you have.  The treatment is either too short or it is dealt with insensitivity, uncaring people.  Who see you as a patient not a person.  Which is important you want to treated fair and equal, respected.

    I am in a similar position to you my friend that I am 53 and had support on and off since my early twenties.

    I am afraid it is the same old story funding, tight budgets and the over burden of a system.  

    Please can I ask I have to say this you and me are similar in the sense that you want a explanation on everything around your mental health needs.

    I had this leaving one charity just cut off.  I demanded to know why.  That was in my twenties yet even now it is still going on.  I have communication issues, not good on the phone but no one tells you anything.

    I am now stranded with no support this helps me every day.  May I say we are two gentlemen who in a modern world where it is a pain to ask for help.  This is what I have found, one moment getting support but anything else you have to ask for it, sorry my friend that is the system.

    My support workers all mainly ladies who work tireless often long hours each day.  One told me just have not resources to stay longer.  My last support worker started at 8.30 am sent me Emails late at night, also had over 15 clients fortnightly.

    Please can I also stress what is happening is the mental health sector is that you already experienced it.  The newly qualified mental health or support worker or CPN.  Often straight out of University not much experience and knowledge.  I had a very young women no idea about me, my addiction, my mental health.  It was up to me to give her some insights and education on my needs.

    Their is help and support out there.  You need to know what you want your life you choice.  Having a good GP helps.  Being here helps.  Looking at the web for local charities who can help and assist you.

    Lots of advice from the community.  Remember you are in control nothing is your fault.  I say that as well try to remain positive.  Never easy.  I am here to listen if you wish.

    Sorry for long post still trying to cope have no support at present time.  Just this amazing community.

    Take care.  Nice to talk to you.
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