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Reviews pip

xxgaynorxxxxgaynorxx Member Posts: 30 Connected
edited February 2018 in PIP, DLA and AA
Hi. Here goes!! I transferred over from DLA to PIP in January 2016 after Mental Health issues from 1996 that will never change.
I was awarded Enhanced Care and Standard Mobility. No reviews. Ongoing.
I was awarded 10pnt descriptor E.
Even though on pip2 form and assessment report it states i only go out with my son and support worker due to fear everyone is going to kill me.
It also states it takes me 2-3 days to build up to go local shop alone which is 150yrds away and then i run back home.
I also got points for needing social support for communicating(which i feel is relevant when your outdoors.
My support worker or my son takes me to appointments i.e psycology, hospital etc.

I always felt as though i should have been awarded F 12pnts as what i was awarded was for people who DONT go out at all.

My CPN advised me not to appeal as there was a case going through court. And also the fact i may lose some points too.

After recent events of court cases its made me more determined to appeal......but its too late.
I cant ask for change in circs as there hasnt been any apart from psycology appointment. And also my mental health wouldnt cope with being reassed for the whole thing AGAIN. And i may lose points as some people say.

What would you advise as i really think i should have got decriptor F and ER.??

I have no problems getting evidence off my mental health team.



  • xxgaynorxxxxgaynorxx Member Posts: 30 Connected
    I take it nobody has the answer? Or any advice?
  • wildlifewildlife Member Posts: 1,314 Pioneering
    @xxgaynorxx I can only say what I would do. That is to hang on with what you've got for the time being. I'll explain why. I watched a motion being presented in government that someone put a link to on here. It was about all the problems with PIP. In my opinion it is too risky at the moment to try and change your claim as the dishonesty amongst assessors is still happening and DWP are still agreeing with reports and ignoring medical evidence. Not in every case but too often to have a water tight case for changing your award.Your CPN is correct that there are court cases ongoing that are changing things if someone wins their case but also change is happening in Scotland to make the system work better and hopefully England will follow with changes for the better. You have to look at both sides i.e. what you think you're entitled to and how difficult it is to convince DWP you're right. Any request for a supersession as you say would trigger having to go through another assessment and risk losing what you've got which does happen.
             I'm in the same situation as you. I got higher rate mobility but only standard daily living which was because of evidence being ignored and the assessor being believed. If the process was working properly enough has changed for me to try and increase my DL but I'm waiting for changes to be made to PIP before I do anything. 
  • xxgaynorxxxxgaynorxx Member Posts: 30 Connected
    Thankyou for your advise. Its so frustrating. I will sit tight for a little while. Hope the goverment and DWP sort this mess out soon. They are destroying so many lives. PIP iant fit for purpose at the moment.
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