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Personal Space

Markinsutton Community member Posts: 83 Pioneering
Hello All 

I wanted to run something by you all to see if its only me that experienced this. 

I have had the same care agency for a year now and despite me keep telling them not too, they keep letting themselves into my flat without asking using the key safe. The key safe is there for emergencies only.  I have asked them to take the code off their app they use to tell staff what is in my care plan. I have found out today it hasn't been taken off as another carer has just walked into my home without knocking. 

I need the key safe for if I get stuck and in event that my next of kin can't be contacted they can get in. I am thinking of changing the code and just hope that I am near a phone if I need help. I haven't had the need for it for awhile now and this is was the reason for me cancelling my community alarm as I could not afford the cost. 

I wonder if I am being unreasonable asking people to knock before they enter my home. 

appreciate your thoughts 


  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Community member Posts: 6,388 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @Markinsutton How are you.  I think you need to speak to some one senior.  Write down your concerns.  I agree with you here personal space is what you need.

    At the same time I would consider your own welfare.  You own safety.  I agree that it is bad manners and people just turn up.

    I had a friend again who in my early days of addiction withdrawal.  Asked for a key.  He was a ex mental health nurse.  Concerned for my welfare, well being.  I used to get very tired and he and his son would turn up.  Not knock or ring or text.

    Most embarrassing for me I can imagine for you as well.  I know they turned up with another friend of his.  Found me a sleep in the afternoon on the sofa.  Her laughing, telling people I knew in a disabled charity that was supporting me.

    Not good.  So I can imagine given awkward situations and problems you have encountered.

    I would ask the people supporting you if they are not listening.  Write a letter asking for privacy.  You have a right for that.

    Also the staff has a duty of care for you but that should not hinge on your need for privacy.

    All the support staff text when they are coming, if and when I had any.  I sure in this modern world they could do the same.  Send you Email 

    I hope I have been of any help.

    Good to talk to you
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  • Geoark
    Geoark Community member Posts: 1,467 Disability Gamechanger
     @Markinsutton I agree with @thespiceman regarding your right to privacey, but also the right to treateded respectfully and with dignity.

    Something you also have the right to is for the data you provide to be used in the way agreed, and you have specifically said that you don't want the code for key safe to be used just to allow access to your home without knocking first to see you answer. They are in breach of the data protection act. I know the rules are going to tightened up significantly with larger fines for breaches from 25th May 2018

    I would contact them again, in writing, stating you do not give them permission to use the key safe to access your home unless they do not get a response after knocking on the door. If they do so you will contact the Infomation Comminisors's Office to lodge a formal complaint.

    If something was to happen to you the sooner you are found the better the potential outcome. But if they won't listen to you then you can change the lock number - as long as it was not provided as part of the care package, in which case you would need to check the terms to it use.

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  • LyndaMcK
    LyndaMcK Community member Posts: 25 Connected
    I agree with the others, put it in writing to a manager or someone in a position of authority. Send it registered and keep a proof of postage. 
    Hope you get this sorted out soon. It must be so frustrating for you.
  • Nystagmite
    Nystagmite Community member Posts: 596 Pioneering
    I'd consider making a complaint (the agency should have a complaint procedure in place) to the agency.
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