Mild CP in adulthood discussion

CarleneT Community member Posts: 3 Listener

So, I'm hoping to find people out there that are happy to share how their mild CP is affecting them in adulthood.

Reason being, I am in my early 30's and over the past year I've begun to notice things getting harder and I wasn't expecting it to happen just yet!

I'll give you a brief background. As a child I needed a splint and a shoe raise to help me walk better. I needed very little support other than that. Since becoming an adult, I kept up with shoe raises on and off, have had the odd bout of back pain but all in all, I have been in good health.

Since having my children, I've not gotten on well with my shoe raises and have found myself aching and experiencing pain doing everyday things that, up until now, haven't been a problem (e.g. pushing a pushchair, hoovering, gardening.) I'm due to see an Orthotist soon for a review.

Does anyone have anything to share? On getting older with CP and any advice on what services or therapies are worth looking into?

Many thanks for your help