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Nicotine and bipolar

hi has anyone found that nicotine helps eleviate physicotic symptoms of bipolar I am 36 years old and suffer with bipolar and ocd and I am really struggling at the moment due to being almost intolerant to medication I’m at my whits end as to try and self medicate but I refuse to take drugs and I can’t stand alcohol smoking a vape seems to be my last option I have never smoked taken drugs or used alcohol in the past and really need some advice from anyone who knows or has bipolar my gp is useless and my physiatrists is way to busy 
any help or info will be much appreciated 
please help I try to exercise regularly and try to get out as much as I can but when I’m not well I have to isolate myself from humanity so I’m pretty much alone 24/7 I have no friends that have bipolar or family members who really understand bipolar so any advice from anyone who knows about bipolar or has personal experience will be much comforting 
many thanks 


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